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  1. I think the Hercules Fortissimo II uses that chipset, but the downside is that the output is always on, as it were, making trackmarking and synch recording difficult. On the drivers home page Hercules say We can but wait.
  2. My home PC has a Hercules Fortissimo sound card - with optical out (and in). It seems to work fine when I play MP3s etc. I don't have ADSL so have no general experience with that and streaming audio - I'd be surprised if track marking and text were transferred - I have seen no claims to this effect. I have recorded streaming audio off the net at work - that's through the PClink thing that came with my R700 (analogue). The only track marking there is when the sound stream goes silent for a few secs or if there's a hiccup in the streaming.
  3. I don't have a NetMD player but my understanding is that you can't use NetMD to upload recordings. Nevertheless, you can use the Line Out of the player and the Line In of a PC to capture the recording on the PC (a program called harddisk.exe is free and does a good job of capturing Line In to make WAV, MP3 or OGG files; basic editing and track marking of WAV files can be done with another free program, CD Wave Editor). You can then go ahead and burn your CD. However, an 80-minute MD takes 80 minutes to upload.
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