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  1. This proggie looks interesting, however the authors website is still off line. Is there a mirror to download it? How big is the program?
  2. I am a novis when it comes to mp3 players with recording features. From what little I do know, they are not ready for the job yet. First of the models I have seen don't have plug in power input, only line in. Any mic that are directly feeded are built in the unit. Prehaps it sounds ok but then you have to hold up the unit to record, not the way I wanna do my work. I think you only have automatic rec level on that mic also. Not sure for the line in. Second is that they record in a (to) compressed format. Anyone into bootlegs know that mp3 is a no no, anything sourced from mp3 or wmv are treated like ebola or worse. Serious traders do freq. analysis on every show they get, if it's sourced from compressed you will be labled a "bad trader". And yes mp3 is quite easy to spot that way. The only (mp3) player I think will do is iPod as it can record as lossness wave, however no mic in there either so a battery box is needed. I think that MD are second to DAT recorders only so for all of us semi pro recorders, stand by your MD.
  3. Looks like you want the Sharp IM-MT880 (NetMD) or Sharp IM-MT888 (non NetMD). It have all that you listed. On the backlit remote you can start/stop recording and change rec level, however the VU peeks are on the unit only and the remote only displays input numbers. So to set it up you have to look at the unit (not backlit) for peeks while changing it on remot. Beside that nag it's a rocket for your trip. Dunno what it will cost second hand nowdays, I got mine MT888 here in sweden for 100 bucks one year ago. Recent price here are now around 80 bucks. I guess that the NetMD model are somewhat more expensive.
  4. Hey topy, you can pick up an cord like A440 talking about at Clas Ohlson. I have however tryed that and with bad results, prehaps my cord was to cheapo. A better solution would be to get a Sharp MD with mic sensetivity switch and manual rec level. You can get one for almost nothing nowday as many are turning to mp3 players. Look at www.blocket.se Amogst the first I see is a Sharp MD-MT99 for 35 bucks, I have that model for my stealth recordings and it's solid. There are also a MD-MT 888H for 80 bucks, I have that model also but for some reason or another I prefer MT99 for live recordings. Any ot those two models together with your ECM-DS70P mic (same as I have) you can't go wrong. And oh, I have a N707 as well, that one is a soor loser when it comes to live recording what ever you do. Prehaps with a very expensive battery box it will sound ok. I only use my N707 as NetMD recorder, never to play with or anything els than that.
  5. Here is a easy trick. Pull out the cord from the plug slowly, at one point the connectors will overlap and mono audio will go to both channels. It may be a little lower volume but just turn up record level and it's fine again.
  6. From what I read many Sony's can be fitted with a backlit remot as a seperat option.
  7. So you don't think that the D/A converter on the MD units will make a audio difference? In that case Sharp would be better as it got a stronger amp than Sony.
  8. Most soundcards have bundled software, Creative have a wave recorder that do the jobb. Nero Wave Edit are another one. When you have the raw Wave file, edit it with Goldwave or Nero. There you can normalize, do fades, pan L-R. You can't realy do all that while making the first actual recording. Sure you can fade and so on during recording but then you can't make changes if the fade was not in right spot. Better to do the edit afterwards.
  9. 1, Yes it can, if the CD Audio disc have CD TEXT. 2, Yes if it's a true CD copy, the orginal info will also remain. 3, Keyboard are usefull for non CD TEXT discs and if you record analog from ex radio.
  10. I have a number of live sets on MD that I have recorded, now I want to start transfer to PC. I don't have a MD deck with optic out which would be the best solution. So I have to settle with old fashion analog style. Now I wonder is there a difference in sound if I use a Sony or Sharp MD? I got a Sony N707, Sharp MT99 and Sharp MT888. Anyone who knows something about this?
  11. sudden

    Sharp or Sony???

    If you must have NetMD then Sony, if not Sharp. Simple as that.
  12. You may find more help in a Mac forum. Since the problem is as you noted Mac related, not MD.
  13. sudden

    md with mic input

    The cheapest new MD with mic in would be the Sharp MD-MT290. Costs around $180 here in Sweden today. If I were you I'd look into second hand market, I recently bought a MD-MT888 for $130. A much nicer model and with backlight remote.
  14. Getting an MD for this is not overkill, I'd say it's just perfect. Depending upon your budget there are alot to choose from. Ranging from second hand to latest model. Read on in this and live recording and you find the info you need.
  15. If you are on the road a MD that can use standard AA battery would make it easyer for you as it can be hard to recharge it. Most new models use a small stickergum cell and don't have external battery box so look into second hand market. A Sharp MD-MT99 or MD-MT190 would be perfect and not to expensive and they have MDLP. Sharp also have better mic in than most Sony models. If you use a dead mic (no internal power) the you must have a MD with "plug in power" mic input, the mic get its power from the MD only. Otherwise you get nothing on your recording. All MD:s with mic in have that support but Sony are not as good as Sharp in that are. Here is two microphones from a store in Sweden, use as reference to what you want. Aiwa CM-TS55 Costs around $35 and have built in battery support. Fico UDM-505 Costs around $13. Must have "plug in power" for this to work. As a non US resident I can't help you with were to purchase these products.
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