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  1. I was serious about respecting the fact that you're a pure user. I didn't appreciate attaching "Ms." to my name, hence the "Sister Cantaker" response. At any rate, let's get back to the topic.
  2. Like I said, Sister Cantaker, Kenwood still has the KMD-44 readily available. You're not going to find it in a local store, but any Kenwood retailer can order one for you. It's very cool that you've owned so many MD car units over the years, Sister. You're a pure user. It's good to know there are true MiniDisc people out there like Sister Cantaker.
  3. Learn how to LOOK! Kenwood's MD car units can be ordered from any authorized Kenwood dealer across the U.S. I got mine last year; still love it. Paid just over $200. One thing about MiniDisc: It's always going to be a niche format. If you're into it hard core, you have to realize that stuff is readily available, but you just have to dig a bit. (For example: Want a high-end U.S. deck? Plenty of Sony MDS-E10 pro decks are available) ....this is just a way of life for MiniDisc people throughout the States...
  4. 8

    Car Units

    There are plenty available. I bought my Kenwood KMD-44 a little over a year ago and still love it. As far as Hi-MD goes: I think it all depends on the success of the format.
  5. Go with a Sharp because it allows you to adjust recording levels on the fly. I suggest minidisco.com---read up on affordable Sharp portables for sale.
  6. You are extremely misinformed. THIS is how it "stands today"... 1) The iPod has nothing to do w/ support---many, many PC people own iPods. Sony won't support Macs BECAUSE THEY MAKE COMPUTERS! They want to sell their Apple-design-stealing Vaios. 2) I am a die-hard Mac user and own a MiniDisc deck, two portables and car unit. I'm certainly not alone.
  7. 8

    MD Car Decks

    Go with a Kenwood. I've had my KMD44 for a year in my Beetle, and have loved every minute of it. Any Kenwood dealer should be able to order one for you. Rock on!
  8. Expect to pay between $1 to $2 per disc. I like minidisco.com (you can even buy in bulk), as well as minidiscaccess.com; it's fun to purchase different brands & styles for your collection. If you're desperate to get some blanks fast, Best Buy certainly keeps plenty Sony Colors in stock (at least Chicagoland locations do)... Avoid Memorex or any blanks that do not come w/ separate slip cases for each blank.
  9. Ah, yes, I can field this one... It preserves all the track marks just like an optical CD-> MD copy does. I highly recommend a Tascam recorder---I believe all of their models accept data CD-R's (which is key---you don't want to have to spend more money on music CD-R's)....I used to have one, and was very happy w/ the results. To answer your other question, you should have no problem making 2nd generation digital copies if you have a pro deck. I've never had a problem w/ mine. BTW, what kind of MD deck do you have?
  10. Does anyone know if there is a deck with continuous scroll? I find it so annoying that every MD deck I've worked w/ requires you to hit the scroll button every time you want to see the full track name.
  11. I'm just wondering if there are people into high-end equipment (e.g., Arcam, McIntosh, Rotel, B&W, etc.) who support MiniDisc. I get so fed up w/ audiophiles putting down the format because it's lossy. Yeah, it is, but feeding my pro deck through my Rotel receiver & B&W DM602 S3 speakers for the first time blew me away by how good MD sounded through good equipment. I kept expecting to hear the limitations really stand out, but the fact of the matter is that MiniDiscs still sounded damn good (and amazing through B&W's!). It has actually renewed my interest in the format. I have decided to make MD my recording format of choice in my ever-building, ever-upgrading hi-fi audio chain. I'm excited about turning back the clock to the old school days of NOT using a computer to record. Vinyl (cleaned up properly from my record cleaner) recorded straight to the deck from the Rotel receiver produces astonishing results. When I borrow a CD and want to make a copy I am more than happy w/ a hookup via Tos-Link from my Yamaha deck to the MD deck. Yes, doing A/B testing does prove the original CD sounds slightly better (certain sounds and instruments that are only faintly heard on the MD are brought to life)....BUT, these are COPIES I'm making, so I feel that it's fair---since I don't own the original---to have a copy not quite as good...but still very good... Also, MiniDisc recordings produce a unique "sound image" that people talk about---which, while not better than the original, is very nice to listen to. I truly believe that MANY anti-MD audiophiles NEVER REALLY LISTENED to an MD played on a high-end deck (like my MDS-E10) that was recorded PROPERLY through good connections and equipment. They just form their opinion around the fact that "MD uses a 5:1 lossy compression scheme"---so without REALLY listening properly, the facts say it takes things away, so it obviously is way too inferior. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. I'm glad I form MY OWN opinions from FIRST HAND experience, or else I would never realize how good MD can STILL sound---even through high-end equipment. Any other audiophiles out there who DO use a good MD deck for all their recordings?
  12. Oh, man, I'm sorry it took me so long to catch this thread...I'm the MDS-E10 user. I have never had an issue making several digital MD copies w/ this deck.
  13. Just wondering... Are there people out there who put their recordings (borrowed music, vinyl, etc.) to CD-R, copy the CD-R to MiniDisc, then store the CD-R for archival purposes---just to have an uncompressed version, and to make a quick copy for somone else....? In other words, a CD-R and MD copy are made, using the MD for listening, and just simply storing away the CD-R for archival purposes.
  14. Ugh...any recording in the red sounds like garbage to me---be it MiniDiscs or cassettes.
  15. I don't know if everyone on this board is aware, but Robert Palmer ("Addicted To Love," and, a great song from 1980, "Johnny And Mary") was a huge MiniDisc supporter---the biggest from any mainstream rock performer (past or present) that I'm aware of. Here's a link to the article showing his praise of the format from the UK's Daily Mirror Magazine: http://www.minidisc.org/images/mirror_7_dec_02.jpg Sadly, the musician tragically died Friday, September 26th. Here's a link to the details from Newday.com: http://www.newsday.com/news/nationworld/na...-homepage-promo I wish minidisc.org would post some kind of tribute on the front page.
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