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  1. Hi, in my site: http://xoomer.virgilio.it/m3u2sb/index.htm i have uploaded the sources of M3U2SB. There is also a preliminary version of M3U2SB 2.00 (works only on MP3 and is incomplete). If someone wants upgrade the software is welcome. Paolo P.S.: sorry for my bad english
  2. I don't know, i don't have again Nero 6. Someone have tried? Paolo
  3. Hi, my new software, to easily create MD Labels, is online at http://members.xoom.virgilio.it/paolose/ in the download section. Sorry, but until now there aren't instructions. They will come later. Suggestions and comments are wellcome. Paolo P.S. We can import track names from NetMD Simple Burner 1.0.
  4. Hi there is a new (minor) version of M3U2SBurner, 1.08a. Whatsnew: Bug removed under Win XP when the main form is resized (problem with Big Characters). Thanks to Dave Mentley for tests. New formats Strings for the Tracks Names (Push the little button with a Question Mark near the Track Names box, in the Setup tab, to see the new formats supported). Thanks to Dirk Storck for this suggestion. In the Simple Burner Tab, we can press the right mouse button to copy the track names (song number and length, TAB separated) to the Clipboard. Paolo
  5. Have you read the main page of the site? Paolo
  6. Hi, M3U2SB ver 1.08 is online at http://members.xoom.virgilio.it/paolose Whatsnew: - We can import the current Winamp Playlist (if Winamp - ver 1.666+ to 2.x - is loaded), thanks to Omer Raviv for this suggestion. - The main window is now resizeable. - Now we can move up or down the Audio files (in the Audio Files windows) with the Mouse Wheel (pressing the SHIFT key) For now we can not import the current Winamp Playlist from Winamp 3.x (i am working on a M3U2SB plugin -in Wasabi- for Winamp 3.x). Paolo
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