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  1. Hi,

    It's nice pictures also other 2 colour: blue and red!

    This MD player is clone from Sharp OEM, but don't supported 1-bit digital amplifier (4 pole plug and jack connector). Perhaps, stereo component is clone from Kenwood (?)

    Check it out, language japanese:

    MD player


    Brochure MD player


    DVD/MD stereo component


    Brochure DVD/MD stereo component


    Perhaps, stereo component is clone from Kenwood (?)

    DVD/MD stereo component


    Brochure DVD/MD stereo component


    See here:


    This stereo component is similar, but without power amplifier and the body construction of plusminuszero is rechargeable plastic (green atmosphere) and is different display. Kenwood is aluminum.

  2. True oldies and goldies from all era’s? From memory let's see…


    Sony MZ-1 (for obvious reasons)

    Sony MZ-R37

    Sony MZ-R50

    Sharp MD-MS721/722 (first small factor recorder, but with slot-loading)

    MZ-R90/R91 (first small, compact factor clamshell recorder)

    Aiwa Am-F75/F80 (backlit LCD on main unit)

    Sharp MDMT831

    Sony MZ-R900 (introduced MDLP)

    Sharp MT77/877

    Sony MZ-N1 (introduced NetMD)

    Sharp MD-DR7

    Sony MZ-NH1 (introduced H-MD)


    Sony MZ-E75 (twin jacks)

    Sony MZ-E900 (first MDLP player)

    Most of Sharp’s offerings

    Sony SJ-MJ88 (collapsible clamshell)

    Sony MZ-E10 (smallest, lightest ever player)

    Sony MZ-EH1 (first Hi-MD player)

    Hi Rob,

    Sony SJ-MJ88? It's Panasonic!

  3. Here's my fantasy pic of the new EH70 ORANGE.-theblueraja

    That is a very discreet use of orange


    Good to see Sony bring out some more Hi-MD units even if they are only players. Lot of white earphones and remotes rather than colour matching to the minidisc unit.

    Hopefully these are only the first of a Sony's reply to the new iPod announced today or yesterday.

    Any release dates mentioned ?

    Perhaps, iPod announced yesterday.

  4. Sony Japan announced today (October 13, 2005) that it will release two new portable playback-only Hi-MD Walkman units equipped with HD Digital Amplifier on November 10, 2005. The expected retail price for the MZ-EH70 and MZ-EH50 is approximately 19,000 yen (approx. USD$165) and 17,000 yen (approx. USD$148) respectively. These units do NOT feature support for MP3, but only the usual Hi-MD ATRAC3/plus bitrates and PCM.+++

    News source: AVWatch, and Sony Japan Press Release, *specification info at end of press release

    IPB Image


    For the forum's interest, the MZ-EH70 comes in four color schemes (silver, blue, pink and black) and features the VPT Acoustic Engine (Virtual Phone Technology; otherwise known as Virtual-Surround) along with a six band EQ. As usual, the player is dependent on the NiMH battery as its principal power supply with the AA battery as an external auxiliary supply. Battery life: At Hi-LP and LP4 mode, playback can last approximately 87 hours and 82 hours respectively. (with both power source: NiMH and AA battery) Size: 88.1 × 75.8 × 17.1mm (w/h/d); Weight: 110g *including battery

    IPB Image


    The MZ-EH50 also comes in four color schemes (white, pink, silver and blue) and features color matching accessories - earphones and remote. *Note: the only significant difference between the EH70 and EH50 is that the latter does not have the VPT Acoustic Engine. As usual, the player is dependent on the NiMH battery as its principal power supply with the AA battery as an external auxiliary supply. Battery life: At Hi-LP and LP4 mode, playback can last approximately 85 hours and 80 hours respectively. (with both power source: NiMH and AA battery) Size: 85 × 78.8 × 20.2mm (w/h/d); Weight: 107g *including battery

    IPB Image



    - Get DOWN the prices on Minidisc walkmans but AVOID lowering the Quality .

    - RELEASE translucent iMAC looking HI-MD walkmans and ADVERTISE it EVERYWHERE.

    - QUIT sonicstage and release good software Drag-and-drop. but with quality as MINIDISC is known for.



    I read that ILoveMinidisc's post is excellent!

    I knew that pictures of MD blank gallery are much nice!

    I have collection more format blanks (Compact Cassette K7, DAT, DCC, MD, Microcassette/Minicassette, VHS, Beta, Video 2000, 8mm, VHS-C, DV, MiniDV, CD, DVD also S-VHS(-C), Hi-8, Digital8 and DVD-RAM). All formats has recorded from TV, videocamera, Stereo Hi-Fi and computer.

    I make collection for cello-phane of all formats in notebook.

  6. Units: Sharp MiniDisc MD-MS701, Sharp MDLP and NetMD IM-DR580 and Sony Hi-MD MZ-NH1

    2 decks Sony MDLP MDS-JB940 and Pioneer MiniDisc MJ-L5

    See my signature

    Discs: Many MDs, 7 Hi-MD, 1 MD-Data and 31 prerecorded

    Daily use and recording use: Using computer transfer for Hi-MD Data

    Using files transfer from MCMD-R1 for Hi-MD Data

    Recording from TV/SAT/radio FM RDS (future DVB and DAB)

    Editing name and title, copying tracks from Hi-MD to DAT/Digital 8mm (videocamera) and from LaserDisc/CD to Hi-MD (mode PCM)

    Listening to MD (mode SP only), Hi-MD (mode PCM only) and prerecorded at home, work, car and way

    Professional use: I must purchase new converter/adaptor Behringer Ultramatch SRC2496, new videorecorder professional JVC BR-DV3000 audio track from/to Hi-MD and videocamera Digital 8mm (Behringer and JVC OK) and used Yamaha 4-channel mixer MD-4S with MD-Data (I don't think so).

    Favourite use: Live recording music at park, holiday for birthday and festival and my movie and using computer data transfer

    Alternatives: See my signature

    Requests: Hi-MD home deck and car audio also Hi-MD Video for videocamera.

    I would want new disks higher capacity for Hi-MD is 2GB or 2.6GB or 5GB or 5.2GB that use recording mode DSD (Direct Stream Digital) and surround 4-channel recording support like SACD.

    Last 3rd generation, new portables Hi-MD with HDD 0.5inch or Memory Stick Duo (or new MS Micro M2) built-in also double deck Hi-MD recorder with UMD player portable and other double deck Hi-MD recorder with cartridge HDD iVDR (Hitachi, Sanyo and Sharp) or new format MDA (Hitachi/Maxell Micro Data Archive) recorder with adaptor card CompactFlash.

    Software for Hi-MD of 3rd generation: SonicStage Mastering Studio (PCM and DSD with 2 or 4 channel) and Connect Play (Atrac3plus and MP3).

    * EDIT * Add surround 4-channel recording

  7. Sony is the giant here. Problem: Sony is obviously incapable to properly market their products.

    Had Sony marketed the Minidisc the same way Apple had marketed the iPod,

    Minidisc would possibly rule the portable player market.

    But when was the last time, anyone has seen a decent ad in a big newspaper or a tv-spot promoting MD?

    You've reason. The people've forgotten MD and Hi-MD and don't read well catalogues/brochures of MD and Hi-MD! iPod speaks too much!

  8. Yes, the Video2000 cassettes were really "long" (while VHS were mostly 120min) but they made them unnecessary expensive so there was no real advantage to 8h cassettes (just more wind/rewind)

    Video2000 had the best picture,

    Betamax had the best sound,

    VHS had the prerecorded XXX movies.

    VHS won.

    Yes, but one videocassette Video2000 was "plus long" with XL of Philips or LP of Grundig mode, total 16h 8hx2 for side of VCC480, also it existed very extremely rare videocassette Video 2000 brand PDM VCC540 18h!

    Video 2000 and Betamax had best picture and sound.

    Best picture search and fast/slow motion (always picture colour and without noise) are Video 2000.

    Also VHS had software XXX movie and many piracy.

    For Hobglobin: CD? Remembed mysterious DDCD-R and DDCD-RW (CD dual-layer for data only 1.3GB)?

    To after....

  9. Hi all,

    Sharp Ltd. announced today that a new DVD/CD/MD component equipped with one bit digital amplifier of 5.6MHz drive "Auvi SD-MX1 (Oubi)" will be on the market, August 26, 2005. The expected retail price will be approximately 65,000 yen.

    However, the MD module of this unit only corresspond to MDLP; and it's not Hi-MD enabled.

    user posted image

    user posted image

    Check it out the news (language japanese):

    AV Watch

    Sharp website

  10. Nice pictures!

    That new blank Hi-MD disk Sony 1GB is produce in USA and Canada.

    Other new blank Hi-MD 1GB for Europe, the colour of case is white and blue circle (center). I've got catalogue (format A5 size from March 2005) Sony official for Europe with italian language. I'm sorry my old scanner Dexxa 4800 (format A4 size) that isn't compatible driver mad.gif with OS Winzozz XP Professional. You would like to look my pictures of catalogue!

  11. "Ciao" borealand!,

    Also I live a Lombardy and I'm italian!

    All MD Data disks aren't compatible with whichever Hi-MD Walkman!

    I find the store Cash Converters (market used), street Vittorio Veneto number 12 at Milan (Yamaha multi-trackers and mixer, perhaps MD-4 or MD-8 used).

    See here the link.

    I found all new disks Sony MD Data MMD-140A in the store Lucky Music, street Cassala number 7/2 at Milan and others deck professional, mixer, guitar, speakers professional, microphone and piano are new, used and ex-demo.

    See here the link.

  12. You see my signature

    I've never used MP3 and WMA.

    Also never LP4 for MD and LP 32KHz for DAT in mode LP.

    - Live recording: Sony DAT 48KHz and Hi-MD mode PCM

    - Recording from tuner radio: Sony deck SP mode

    - Recording from tuner DAB: Sony DAT 48 or 44,1 (*1) and Hi-MD mode PCM

    - Recording from TV with RCA Audio stereo OUT: Sharp 2 portables SP mode

    - Copy from CD or digital audio: Sony DAT 44,1KHz from CD and MD software/recorded (*2)

    - Copy from K7 or LP or Stereo 8-track or reel analog audio: Philips DCC and Sharp 2 portables SP mode

    - Download file audio from CD or Internet for SS (*3)/SB (*3)/BJ (but request and test only): Sharp NetMD LP2 mode (BJ is Beat Jam)

    - Upload/Download file data: Hi-MD with Winzozz M$ and Linux, I'll buy iMac mini with LaCie mini HDD from 2006

    - I use all media recorded or software (new and used, LP4 and LP 32KHz included) in all portables and decks for playback

    - Lessons and language speak: All Microcassette (mono) portables also create 4-channel with speed 2.4 mode only and brand 3 cassettes are identical

    Channel front A Sony mono

    Channel front B Olympus mono

    Channel back C-D Aiwa stereo

    (*1) Depend receiving protection piracy, like DRM or SCMS, I use cable RCA analog or optical digital.

    (*2) It must be CD, MD, DCC (All 3 software) and DAT (rare software) from copy of first generation (SCMS). Depend all media recorded for digital audio without protection.

    (*3) But Sharp NetMD run SS/SB and Sony Hi-MD run well BJ with MDLP mode only!

  13. for that you hyave to petition the EU and tell them to evict the french law that put it in there in the first place. it just goes to show that to make europe a single market one basicly have to tell the big 5 to get lost...

    I would like to add built-in for volume restrictions:

    - Chip EEPROM for volume programmable restrictions with PC and cable USB (Hi-MD 3rd High-End only)

    - DIP switch for volume programmable restrictions without PC

  14. I had to restore the forum to July 13th (yesterday) @ 11pm because dex Otaku apparently lost it and deleted more than 200 topics and posts. I'm thankful that I now have a daily backup rotation scheme in place. I apologize for this loss in topics and registrations from 11pm until now, and I'm just as surprised and confused as everyone else at this recent change in behavior. Just to make sure you understand, I had to forfeit everything from 11pm until now in favor of the topics he deleted; it was not an easy decision but I had to make this choice.

    Unfortunately, because of his actions, he will never be allowed here again. It's truly a disappointing loss to the forums.

    I'm remember will, my post that I wrote "What is LP3? It isn't existed?", but sudden my post are deleted.

  15. So, Sony has reverted to its older type models (R900, R909 etc) for AC adapters, not the newer N10. Is that correct? N10 type adapters actually are on par with those of Sharp (yet, Sharp's not suitable for the N10).

    The type connector of MZ-N1 (type old), MZ-N10 (type new) and MZ-NH1 (type new like MZ-N10) were connector USB proprietary of Sony, all 6V. Also the cable connector USB proprietary for MZ-N10 can't use all model Sharp!

  16. I'm remember well, these 2 Hi-MD (MZ-M100 and MZ-M10) professional portables are resemble that DAT recorder portable professional is model PCM-M1.

    The letter "M" is means PCM linear without SCMS protection.

    Also colour of the case always is black

    You see photos of 2 recorder portable DAT in gallery MDCF.

    * EDIT *

    It can't to add photos in members gallery MDCF!

    I'm sorry, you try to find the site Google -> Images -> PCM-M1.

    PCM-M1 (black) is identical with my TCD-D100 (silver) portable recorder, different with SCMS protection for TCD-D100.

  17. I'd like to see:

    Hi-MD high quality decks

    For portables:

    True line out - ie. with dedicated socket

    SP recording mode (plus Hi-MD formats)

    Built-in DAB digital radio

    2 GB discs

    All-metal construction

    5 line LCD

    6 band graphics equaliser

    No European volume restrictions

    Also I agree with KJ_Palmer

    Council 2.6GB discs

    Attention!: Data-recorder for computer (LINE-IN, LINE-OUT e REMOTE), but Sinclair ZX Spectrum and ZX80-81 haven't connector Remote

    True MONO in mode MD?

    Compatible old discs MD Data, MD Data 2, MD View for playback only (Hi-MD 3rd normal)

    Compatible old discs MD Data, MD Data 2, MD View for recording/playback (Hi-MD 3rd High-End deluxe like MZ-NH1)

    Display OLED multi-color

    Chip EEPROM or DIP switch for volume programmable restrictions with/without PC (Hi-MD 3rd High-End)


    Hi-MD DL (Double/Dual Layer):

    2 layer for DWDD optical?


    2 layer inferior for DWDD optical and 2 layer superior for magnetic (like Beta Hi-Fi and VHS Hi-Fi recording)?

    4-channel surround sound in PCM and LPCM recording mode only

  18. I would like a Hi-MD home deck and car deck.

    Less restrictions on my own personal recordings, unlimited uploads and downloads if using Sonic Stage.

    True SP

    Dedicated line in and line out

    Bring back the NH1, or something similar for 3dr gen>

    Record on the remote.

    Don't need camera or toys on my unit, straight functionality.

    The ability for use on any platform,Mac, Linux, Windoze. Until my linux disc died it would see and identify my minidisc unit but wouldn;t let me do anything to it.

    Uncripple the world markes so anyone can buy from anyone.


    I agree with daniel_cello and bobt

    Platform Winzozz, iMac, Linux and SOLARIS

    Line-IN and Line-OUT and add REMOTE like data-recorder for computer vintage (ZX Spectrum, MSX and others)

    Add Hi-MD and modem combi with Wi-Fi, we need to download new files MP3 or Atrac3 without computer and noalso SS like adaptor USB OTG without PC

    Add DAB tuner (MZ-RHFxxx or MZ-NHFxxx)

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