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  1. here's a unit for sale on eBay. it looks like its in good condition too! MZ-E40 on eBay
  2. Thanks for all the replies! I'm glad a bunch of you have memories of this little guy to share! It takes 2 AA batteries. I haven't tested them for how long they last, but i think my new 2500mAh rechargables would be an unfair test compared to how long regular alkalines were back in the day. (that is assuming that these new ones are better. I could be wrong but i would hope AA are getting better). As far as I'm reading, it seems that 2 - 2.5 hours is pretty good expectation. Well, I took my Offspring - Americana album and made 2 MDs (that i recorded digitally on my home deck in SP) and popped one into my E40 and one in my NH1 and played them. To make it a fair test, i had to leave EQs at 0 because the E40 bridges both channels of the bass when u engage Bass Boost. As much as i wish my NH1 would sound better, i have to say the E40 had a slightly warmer tone to it. I found the NH! to be more articulate, but it ended up sounding almost a bit too artificial in comparison. I still have to try some other music to even out the comparison a bit, so maybe i'll come back with a follow up if my judgement changes. Cheers
  3. MZ-E40 Pictorial Hey guys! thanks for the great pictorials and reviews you guy post here. I love them. So I thought i should probably do my part for the community! A few weeks back, I was wondering through Victoria, BC (in Canada ) and stopped in a pawn shop and saw this beauty: an MZ-E40! It was priced at about 30$, but you could see the price had been cut a few times before. I asked to look at it and, as you can see, it was in near mint condition. He offered to let me try it out, so he popped in an MD but no sound came out of the head phones! Anyways, thinking it was broken, the pawn broker didn't want it anymore, and i said i would take it anyways, so he gave it to me for free! I then realised why no sound would come out. The player is pre-MDLP and he didn't have any SP discs. So as soon as I got home, i tried an old disc i had of the Offspring, and boom, there was sound. I was a happy camper. Anyways, here are my photos of the player. If anyone else has this model, please tell us about it! Cheers!
  4. haha, now that u mention it, I really have no reason to think the 700 were any better . i guess i must have had some impression from somwhere long ago that just stuck with me since then. it has to be totally my imagination because i cant remember reading anything about it , and apon reading the specs (which i know dont tell the whole story, but it probably gives u a good starting point), they seem very simmilar. so thanks for bringing that back to my attention . anyone else have somthing to add? cheers!
  5. So i've got a few questions regarding head phones. I currently have the sony V-700s (for over the head phones) and i like their sound and most other things about them other then they are a pain in the hear after extended listening periods. i have somone willing to buy them off me, so i am looking for somthing to replace them with. I've looked at, and heard alot about the D-66 eggos. i think they look awesome. they probably sound good, although my feeling is that they wont be the v-700's sound. not that i'm killing for the exact sound, but i think their sound will be inferior. this is only a guess based on specs, and what i've red over the past year. but.. now exists the new d-777 . these seem to be a fair match to the 700s. but guaging by the price, they might be better ( ? ). i prefer the look of the the 66s myself, but thats a personal opinion thing that i have to deal with . also, is the fact that they have come up with this new line mean that they will stop production of the 66, and so if i ever want a new pair of them i need to buy now? finally, i know lots of people are against the bose triport, but i'd like to hear some honest opinions on them. i know they are not foldable, light and flimsy, have a cord to each cup, etc. i want to know waht they sound like. if their sound is porweful, full and/or tight. are they comfy on the ears? i think you konw what i'm asking anyways, thanks alot for any/all of your guys help. you guys often come up with good, fair, and agreeable opinions. so i think are the best guys to ask. thanks!!
  6. Thanks for all your help guys, but i just baught a pair of E4c on ebay last night. i basically saw a BIN deal that i could hardly refuse. this guy was offering them with the case and everything for 169, plus 14 for shipping. mistake me if i'm wrong, but i thought they sold for 300 plus tax in stores. anyways, for anyone reading, i'll be posting a review of the E4c pretty soon on here. thanks for your comments guys.
  7. evilmutent


    Hey, have you tried the V700s? and if you have, how do they compare? and how do they compare with the eggos you have?
  8. I started my minidisc experiance with my old MZ-N505, and after a few months, purchesed the MRD-V600, and used them for a month. I loved them sor both their amazing comfort and good sound reproduction. but after a month, i say that the sony store i bought the v600s had just stocked the v700s. so i tried them and ended up trading up to them from my 600s. This was all good and fine till i continuously ended up with sore ears from the un-ergonomic circular shape of the ear cups. so I've been looking at either replacing or just adding to them with the D66 eggos. And because i understand that you must buy them from audiocubes or minidisco from Japan (I think), I can't really go out and try them at a store. So my question is how do the D66 compare to the v700s in sound, comfort, weight/size, even maybe the cord thickness or weight and anyhting else you would like to comment about them. I would like both pros and cons so that i can make a balenced decision on buying them or looking into somthing like the XD400 or somthing. thanks guys
  9. So, I've been looking to get some new phones, and I've tried some in-ear phones before, like the sony ex71s and I liked the idea of them earphone bein secured in the ear canal. So I looked into gettin a good pair of in-ear phones for myself, and ran into the problem of choosing where to invest my money. At first it was jsut the Shure E3c and the Etymotic ER6i, but with the release of the E4c, I'm Wondering weather the extra money is worth it for the E4c. And if it is just an highly priced step up from the E3c, then my question is who hear has been able to compare the Shure and the Etymotic? I live in a small town where i can't see them in person and thus have to buy them only and don't want to spend my money on the wrong product. Thanks in advance for those who can help.
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