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  1. I wasn't sure if that was a slip, or if you really wanted to recommend it. I know that I want to show it to as many people I can, so that I can try and open their minds.

    Anything to inspire people to become film nerds like me.

    I have seen more movies in the past 3 years, than I have in my entire life. I think that is what took my attention away from digital audio and these forums.

  2. i saw "science of sleep" last night. it was whimsical & awesome but very gondry - if you like logical movies &/or movies with well defined plots this probably is for you


    Such a good film, in my top 10 at the moment. Are you sure you would recommend this film for people who like well defined plots? The first time I saw it I was totally lost. :P

    Last movie I saw was 28 Weeks later. Not bad, too many americans though.

  3. Picked up some CDs, a local band and Jack White's new effort "The Racontuers". Both are pretty good, and I enjoy them both.

    Also picked up "Jpod" by Canadian writer Douglas Coupland. Being from Van, Camille probably knows who I am talking about. Cynicism for the Google age!!!

    My birthday is coming up in under a month, so I am waiting till then to make any purchases, just incase I buy something my roommates/girlfriend has already bought for me. I told my parents to just get my gift cards for Future Shop or something so I can get myself a DSLR with some of my own money.

  4. meanwhile australia draws 2-2 with a man sent off for both teams against croatia. if there's a replay on near you guys it was a high spirited, exciting match

    I saw the final half of the game at a pub, so I would occasionally look over and see someone getting a red card :-P. Did see 3 really good goals (if I remember correctly) and all the highlights as well. Good show 'Roos!

  5. I'm in the process of downloading the match so I can watch it after work Ishi

    Watched the first half of the Argentina and S&M game and I must say that for about 9 minutes I thought it could be an even match.

    Poor guys, first and only world cup appearance ever. Now the team will be even weaker next year.

  6. Someone also rigged up a system to switch desktops by hitting your laptop. It uses the motion sensing that is built in to tell if you are hitting it.

    Edit in Garage band or Sountrack, *BANG* , Sonicstage to HiMD.


  7. I was listening to Time=Cause by Broken Social Scene the other day, recorded on a vintage deck in SP (Atrac TypeR) and I could feel/hear all the artifacts in the cymbals. Gross! Such a great song though, so I keep the disc around.

    Maybe it's the tequila, but the r50 is still the coolest looking audio device I own.

  8. There is an old picture of me from 2004 with a orange shirt and Dutch scarf round my neck, I posted it on ATboard, but my server crashed and I assume it is long gone.

    You can assume what team I like :-P

    That and the Japanese.. I like those blokes.

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