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  1. I thought it was a reasonable price, it did include 3 sealed 1gb discs which seem to go for over £30 on ebay.
  2. Picke up a NH600 from ebay last week for £60. No AC power cable but it is in as new condition, also came with a pack of 3 sealed 1gb minidiscs. I've left these sealed as I may sell them on. The sound compared to the RH1 is a bit warmer, not quite as detailed but still excellent sound.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I think I've sorted it. I won't into device manager and assigned the driver manually. Seems to have solved the problem. Laptop now recognising the player and discs again.
  4. Hi all. Was using my RH1 over the last few weeks with no problems. Now though when I connect to 2 different pc's they will not recognise the RH1. Drivers are installed on both systems. Any ideas on what the problem might be?
  5. Biggest problem I can see is getting hold of 1gb discs. Seem to go for a small fortune on ebay and Amazon etc.
  6. Used minidiscs over the years until around 4 years ago when I sold my last unit. This week I've decided to return, just bought a used but in excellent condition RH1 which should be here tomorrow. Not entirely sure why I keep getting drawn back, I've got a very good high end MP3 player but I think I miss the house sound of sony minidiscs. Also want to start recording gigs and from what I gather MD is still a good option for this.
  7. I'm a bit confused by the whole lossless/lossy conversion/transfer process. As i understand it if i convert a cd using wav on SS 3.4, i can transfer this to the RH1 as a exect copy of the CD? but if i use Atrac lossless codec to convert it will then turn it into a lossy atrac for the transfer to my MD, is that right? I was under the impression that the rh1 could playback atrac lossless files.
  8. After 3 years of various mp3 players(flash and hdd), I bought a RH1 new and boxed from ebay which arrived yesterday. Cost me £220 for the silver Japanese model and 10 1gb blank discs. Used to own 2 sony md players but sold them and tried mp3 players from apple, iriver and creative. Didnt think i would go back to MD until i read about the Rh1 recently. Found that with hdd playrs i was carrying a lot of music i never listened too and with both the flash and hdd never quite got the sound quality i remembered from my MD days. And that was with using a portable amp with the mp3 players(xin supermini 3). First impressions of the RH1 are excellent, love the build quality and sturdy feel and the layout of the buttons etc is spot on. Wasnt sure what file/bitrate to convert my first couple of CD's to, so tried a variety. First off i converted Open Season by British Sea Power as a direct cd copy(wav?), was amazed by the sound quality, everything sounded so clear and detailed. Next up i converted Morrissey's Ringleader of the tormenters and The Wedding Present CD's Seamonsters and Take Fountain using Atrac Lossless. Managed to get 2 of these on one of the 1gb discs and to be honest i couldnt tell the difference in sound quality from the cd i had converted using wav. If i am honest i am a bit confused by the atrac lossless codec. When i transfer the music from SS to the RH1, is it transferring as a lossless file or does it convert to a lower setting? i am assuming its the former. Next up i tried using my amp with the RH1 and to me there is no noticable increase in sound quality through the line out, if anything it sounds a bit inferior. I assume that this is down to the quality of the inbuilt amp on the RH1. So i wont be needing the xin portable amp anymore. Not tried the stock earbuds, I've been using my Altac Lansing im716 which are great set of earphones, sometimes difficult to drive with mp3 players(low volume) but no problem with the RH1. Sorry for the long rambling post but this little marvel of a player has amazed me.
  9. Thanks for the replies I am using Altac Lansing im716 and Senn cx300 earphones. The AL716 need the amp with my current mp3 players to get any decent volume output but do give a lovely sound when amped. not to concerned if i dont see any improvement, will have a play around when i pick up the MZ-RH1, which hopefully will be in a couple of weeks.
  10. Hi all First post here even though i registered almost 3 years ago! After almost 3 years of using various mp3 players i have decided to come back to the minidisc fold. I intend over the next couple of weeks to buy the MZ-RH1. I'd like to know if i am going to hear any benefits in using my portable headphone amp(Xin Supermini 3) with the line out on theminidisc player? at the moment it makes quite a big difference in SQ on my mp3 player but have been reading about the improved amp in the RH1 and was curious as to wether i will neeed my amp.
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