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  1. Isnt an ipod touch 2G with LOD and amp sounding better than a Hi-MD? I used to be a MD fan, owning MD's from the MZ-R900 to the MZ-NH1 although frankly itouch 2G + LOD + amp > MZ-NH1 ? The NH1 has a very low noisefloor, but the treble doesn't appear to be natural on the NH1, sort of over-accentuated. Its still a great device, but I think its come to the point where changing discs isn't as convenient as loading up a few gigs of ALAC on a single device.
  2. No it will not. You get roughly 305mb when a standard MD is formatted into a Hi-MD Disc. All of this info is on the minidisc.org page, you just need to read up on it. (AKA.. don't be lazy XD ) http://www.minidisc.org/hi-md_faq.html#_q87
  3. I'm not sure if they have a website or not. But If you look over at head-fi, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to fill you in about them. =) Edit: here it is... http://www.head-direct.com/index.php?optio...detail&id=1
  4. Ahh... finally! Thanks a bunch for that, time to chew some of my Hi-MDs up! >=]
  5. lol, on the contrary, China has YUIN who remarkably makes the best earbuds in the world. The YUIN PK1, you need to try those someday. =D Audio Technica comes second I guess with their ATH-CM7Ti.
  6. Well, a good set of headphones will make a 132kbps sound "better" (You may find more bass, crisper treble etc) but you'll also introduce artifacting and other details you didn't know was there (particularly dominant in lower bitrates). And in most cases, you'll find that the artifacting and other bad defects make the song sound worse. Again, it really depends on how you like your music. =P I myself really couldn't stand anything below 192, but 256kbps is my set standard for atrac3plus. Speaking of bitrates, does anyone know if Sonicstage can write linearPCM to the Hi-MD?
  7. Sony needs to cater for more flavours. =D The older generation of MD's were great, they had megabass. Why they moved away from it is beyond me.
  8. ahh well i gues i could do that.. didnt really want to fork out for another gumstick though =P
  9. I see.... amazing to see how that USB cable is capable of regulating voltages I guess that scraps my idea of an ext battery case, Because sometimes i require more battery life for extended recording sessions.
  10. I've noticed that the NH1 can only be charged using the cradle, but the device seems to be USB powered. I own one of those AAA battery packs with the USB port (used to power ipods and mp3 players). I was wondering if i could use the supplied USB cable for my NH1, plug it into the AAA battery pack and then into my NH1. I am unsure though as to whether this will kill my NH1 or not (ideally it shouldn't as USB has a universal voltage of 5V). If i can use this battery pack and still have full functionality of my NH1 that would be great.
  11. Now all we need is an equaliser hack for the NH1 and the 1st gen Hi-MD will be complete. >=]
  12. Also consider: Audio Technica CK7 V-Moda Vibes
  13. Yes i've tried lowering all the frequencies, although the freq. response graph it displays a stronger bass placement, audibly, the bass just isn't present enough. I've had better success by raising the 100Hz frequency and lowering the 250Hz one notch to give tighter bass. (+3, -1, 0, 0, +1, +1 [Tested using: Audio Technica CM7Ti / Alessandro MS-2] ) If it were possible to increase a 60Hz freq through the equaliser the bass quantity should be improved significantly (It doesn't do much justice for sound quality but it does make the music more enjoyable as 60Hz gives more of a BOOM and a deeper bass sensation). You'll notice that the famous MP3 player companies (excluding ipod) do include a 60-70hz region in their 5-band equalisers, Meizu M6 incorporates a 60Hz in their 10-band EQ, iaudio uses 63Hz in their 5-band. So that's why a low-mid bass frequency is needed in Sony's 6-band EQ =P
  14. Err... fix the 6band EQ? I own an NH1 and would like the modify the EQ frequencies (replace the 100hz with 60hz) is that possible?
  15. Unfortunately, Both my MZ-r500 and MZ-R900 have worn out. But yes you are right in a way, because it was not only the laser power but the direct-drive mechanism that actually stuffed too. They still work, but they skip frequently, and in the case of my R900. it refuses to play a disk until I take it out and put it in multiple times.
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