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  1. Does anyone one know if this will work? I just got a new PowerBook and I would like to be able to load my MD's from it.
  2. Also, make sure there is a disc in the MD unit too. If you do not have a disc in the MD unit I've seen where it doesn't detect the MD player.
  3. Is there a disc in the MD unit?
  4. KLank

    Device not connected

    Also, did you try to reinstall the DRIVER, not just the software?
  5. Normally you do have to turn the volume on the MD player all the way up when using the cassette adapter. You did mention that you tried this. The other thing that comes to mind, do your your cassette player have an auto-reverse function. If so, try hitting the button to make it switch sides. If it is attempting to play the back side of the cassette adapter you will get very faint sound. Give it a try!
  6. KLank

    WMA Files

    Is there a way to get WMA files onto MD other than burning them to a CD as music and using SimpleBurner to get them onto the MD? Or is there a way to convert WMA -> MP3? I've seen lots of programs to go from MP3 to WMA, but not the other way around. Thanks, Ken
  7. KLank

    MZ-N505 groups?

    You can't create the groups in RealOne. After you get done making your disc with RealOne you can fire up Sonic Stage to create the groups.
  8. I'm sure there are people here that have more experience, but here's my story. I bought 3 players (a N707 & 2 N505's) over a year ago for myself and family members. All have been used and abused without any problems. We have also picked up a NF610 that has been in use for about 4 months. From my experience they are pretty rugged and I am looking forward to the Hi-MD units.
  9. Another thing that works well is to use a PS2 to play your CD's. Using the optical out on the back of the PS2 you will get the track marks inserted onto the minidisc just fine.
  10. You can also use RealOne to get around the copy limits too.
  11. I haven't tried this as a user, but you can try to see if they can burn MD's through Real One player. I use Real One to make my disc's as I don't have to worry about checking the files in and out. The only thing is they won't be able to create groups through Real One, you will either have to do it with Sonic Stage for them or they can do it on the MD player themselves.
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