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  1. I received mine yesterday and like them except for the earclip, at least for now. Comparing it to the MDR-EX71LP (which I've had now for about 2 years), the bass on the EX81's is slightly less, the midrange (vocals) are more forward and the highs are less harsh. However, the improved sound may be due to the EX81's being new and the EX71's being so old. Otherwise, I like the sound of the EX81 better.

    I have noticed this also, however my EX71s are not much older than my EX81s so I don't think it's related to the age of your EX71s. The sound is far more pleasant.

  2. Hold the Shift key down when you insert the CD. That will stop Autoplay of their copy-protection "player." .

    Or better yet, disable Autoplay completely  on your CD drive by going into My Computer, finding the CD drive and right-clicking on it. You should do this anyway given the  number of sleazy copy-protection malware programs appearing on CDs and DVDs.

    Yes that mostly works, but you may find digital errors in your audio files once you've ripped them, especially in those tracks from the beginning of the CD.

  3. After having computer meltdown, moving to WinXP SP2 and reinstalling all applications, I upgraded to Sonic Studio 2.3.  Now I'm having some problems and issues:

    1-When I try to load the Wav converter, it tells me I need at least version 2.1 of SS.  I have 2.3, so I don't know what its problem is, but it won't go any further.

    2.  How can tell SS where to put the My Library Directory?  It hid it buried deep in the C drive (in a hidden directory), and I want to put it on my D drive to make it safer and easier to find so I can use MarC's program.

    3.  When I play files either in My Library or on the Hi-MD, it sometimes plays a few seconds then freezes for a minute or so.  If I try to play the file again, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  The files play fine if I just listen to them on the Hi-MD  (I have the MZ-NHF 800, if that is relevant.)  These are files I've recorded from my band's live performance.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    #2: Go to Tools-> Options... then "Location to save recorded files", I keep library in a non-standard location myself. This won't move the files that you previously recorded though, you need to use the backup tool for that.

  4. Hi people

    I have the Natasha Beddingfield - Unwriiten CD & the record label is BMG.

    When I try to the load it on my PC (Windows Media Player) it only comes up with 10 secs of each song but doesn't even play thatand most importantly the same when I try and burn it on to my HIMD Walkman with Simple Burner and I need to do this as this is how I listen to most of my music.

    If this is how things are going to be I won't be buying any CD's and illegal downloading will just increase, who do these people think they are trying to dictate the way I listen to music that I have purchased and now own.

    This is obviously their way of stopping you copying it even if it is for your own use, does anyone know how I can get around this rudeness.

    Any advice gratefully recieved.

    Many Thanks.


    I get round this by recording in real-time from the optical out of my Playstation 2, do you have anything with an optical out such as a DVD player, or a portable CD player?

  5. I bought a backlit remote (the MC11EL) for my NH700 Hi-MD player. I plugged it in, everything was fine for a couple of minutes until the sound only came out of the right earphone. It works fine with no remote or the remote provided with the unit, so am I right in assuming that this is some sort of voltage problem, presumably to do with the backlight, or is there a fix?

    Thank you!

    I've never heard of this before, but it does sound like the remote control. However the MC11EL was never designed for that unit, it was originally supplied with the R900 back in 2000.

  6. Hi new to the group so please tolerate me. I have an 'old now' SONY MZ-R91 MD which i have not used for a year or so now. Tried playing with it today and it seems that it will operate ok off the 3V mains but will not charge. Whenever i place on charge the battery charging indicator does not appear on the LCD either.

    Just wanted some pointers really as to what could be wrong before i go and purchase a new battery for it.

    Which brings me to my second ask, if i do need a new batt anybody have a link for a cheap provider i need a sony nh 14wm

    Thankyou in anticipation

    This does indeed sound like your battery has reached the end of it's useful life, I experienced this myself not so long back with an R900.

    That battery type is relatively common fortunately, but since I don't know where you are on this ball of rock flying through space, I'll point you here and here in the vague hope of being helpful.

    Edit: And here as well.

  7. Ok, new to the community but yet another SS2.3 question. My rig is a Shuttle XPC P4 3.0Ghz HT with a Prescott chip, running Xp Sp1. I currently use OpenMG 2.2 with the appropriate Hotfix and have already backed up via OpenMG back up tool and checked in all music. Due to the incompatibility of my Prescott and Sp2, I cannot update to Sp2(been there and it was nasty).

    Will SS2.3 still work using Sp1? Are there any additional steps to be taken other than those in the NetMD FAQ's? I have not had any problems using Opmg2.2 ever, but I hate the limited check outs and am planning on purchasing a Hi-MD unit...hence the need to update to SS2.3

    Will the update through Sony Connect be better in my situation or a full install from the NetMD FAQ section?

    Thanks for your time!

    Sonicstage 2.3 should work with SP1 as long as you've got the Windows hotfix for fixing the OpenMG problem. This hotfix equally applies to Sonicstage as it does to OpenMG Jukebox.

    It may be a good idea to get rid of OpenMG Jukebox totally before installing Sonicstage because OpenMG Jukebox leaves remnants that interferes with the Sonicstage installation and (from my experience anyway) prevents Sonicstage from working even if you do the upgrade.

    If you can't find a full installation for SS 2.3 then try to find 2.1 then upgrade to 2.3 from there, I found this a more painless upgrade path.

  8. u beat me to the post! i was just going to suggest that

    get a few mirrors up and let those with the older version (i.e. me included) hook ourselves up

    If somebody would like to PM me with somewhere to upload the archive of Simpleburner installation files then I can upload the zipped installation files, then that person could figure out a means of distribution. I have no means of hosting the file myself.

    I can also email the archive to somebody. The archive is slightly under 2Mb.

  9. I had a rumage around on the Sony Asia Pacific website and I couldn't find Simpleburner 2. I only found the Connect free Sonicstage and the Wav Converter.

    perhaps it's in the openMG secure mod rather than the SB version. i got my SB from minidisc.org v2.0.03.16212

    OpenMG Secure Module v4.0.05.10290

    i have no PCM option

    The version of my OpenMG Secure Module is also

  10. Okay.  Now I'm confused.  I swear to goodness that my SB had the PCM option..  it's the same version as the first user posted, downloaded from this siite.

    And it lacks the PCM option, now.

    This would suggest that it was never there, which makes me wonder what I was thinking before, but whatever.  Where did you get the newer version of SB from?

    This is the version that came with my NH1, which came from Singapore. So it might be an Asia-Pacific thing perhaps.

  11. Hi to Everyone

    Originally posted this in the phones forum but had no reply, thought I'd try this one for one last attempt.

    I have read the pinned Recommended 'phones for Minidisc users

    which I found very useful.

    I'm thinking of buying the Sony MDR-E888 earphones and would like to know what people think of them (if they have any).

    Frequency Response is 8-27,000Hz

    Sensitivity (dB/mW) is 108

    Output is 50mW

    Are these good values for my player.

    I have a Sony NH900 HI-MD Recorder & need some decent earphones.



    They are pretty good consumer-level ear-phones. The E888's don't over emphasize bass like the EX70/71/81 family. But they provide very little insulation from the outside world, and I find them a little uncomfortable after wearing for an hour or more.

  12. Am I right in thinking that THIS thread says that you can record a CD using Simple Burner to PCM quality on my MZ-NH900.

    I can't find the option to do this in my version of Simple Burner (  Apologies if I have got the wrong end of the stick.

    Thanks in advance,


    You are correct, but I think it depends which version of Simpleburner 2 you have perhaps, I have version and does it provide the PCM option (and I use it incidentally).

  13. Hey all!

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma right now...

    I don't know if i should get a NH1 or wait for the 2nd gen.  The NH1 is seems so captivating and I'm really sick of use my lame portable cd player, but I'm worried the 2nd will be soo much better (ie 2gb discs, improved download speeds, etc.).  I could really care less about native mp3 support.  So anyone have any idea if the 2nd gen will blow away the 1st gen?

    Thanx, any advice would be great.



    Well, judging by the CES picture there isn't NH1 replacement amongst them. They all appear to be NH700 to NH900 equivalents. But if you can wait, I should until a feature list appears, then you can make an informed choice whether to hold on or to get an NH1.

  14. i have a home built amd 2600+ barton on a AU13 motherboard, my mobo has optical out on it, however when i try and rec to my MD player ( sony mds-s707 ) my MD rec. er tells me CAN NOT COPY. so my question is, is there any 3rd party software to fix that?

    I'm not familar with that mainboard (it's a NF2 isn't it?). It might be that the Dolby Digital encoding is on, this would prevent you from recording from the optical SPDIF. The option is probably buried in the control panel applet that accompanies the audio drivers, I don't know exactly since I don't use my onboard audio.

  15. Hey,

    I just got the Sony MZ-NH600D the other day and I have a few questions, first of all I already had sonicstage for a discman thing and the add-on that the md player comes with works fine. The only that is giving me trouble is the Simple burner. I click the icon and it says that there is a fatal error of some sort and that i should restart the computer or reinstall. i have tried both and it still wont work.. i was reading of some other people having this problem and just getting a windows xp security patch of some sort... If anyone has any help to offer it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


    Are you using the software that came with your NH600 or is it a combination of the software that came with both NH600 and your Discman. If the latter is the case I suggest remove all the SonicStage / OpenMG / Simpleburner software, and then install it all from one source, your latest source, from the NH600 CD-ROM.

  16. that cant always be entirely true though.

    -Format a new disc in HiMD mode.

    -Transfer 2 songs

    -The file size of the ATDATA file will still be very small (actually its more or less 850kb (the system overhead) + size of music transfered)

    -You could potentially have hundreds and hundreds of MB left on the disc free

    The ATDATA file expands or contracts when you add or remove music files to / from the disk with SonicStage etc. so it's possible to store other computer files on their at the same time if there's the space that is.

  17. As I understand it is the ATDATA file that contains the music data. I think all the files in the HIMDHIFI folder provide a file system for the music data (which sits on top of the FAT file system), which is only readable by the Hi-MD unit and SonicStage (and Simpleburner etc). As for being unable to defrag the volume, I think its because due to the ATDATA file being so large that there is insufficient room on the disc to rearrange this file.

  18. There is another issue here, defragmenting a disk causes a lot on stress on the recording head (as a result of the constant reading and writing of the files that are moved), and therefore shorten life of the recorder. So in the long run it may not be worth it.

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