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  1. I've uploaded the full 4.2 here for the time being: http://drop.io/4eod1ht

    You'd do best to completely delete 4.3 (including registry entries if you are comfortable finding and deleting them).

    Before you do so, be sure to back up anything you have in SonicStage...

    1. Uninstall 4.3 via add/remove programs

    2. Delete the following folders:

    "Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Sony Corporation/Sonicstage"

    "Documents and Settings/All Users/Sonicstage"

    "Program Files/Common Files/Sony Shared"

    "Program Files/Sony/Sonicstage"

    "Program Files/Sony/Personal Audio Driver"

    3. Delete the following registry keys:

    'HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Sony Corporation/Sonicstage'

    'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Sony Corporation'

    4. Make sure your AntiVirus is temporarily disabled, and reinstall using 4.2

    5. Enjoy!


    EDIT: The installer was grabbed from this site awhile ago, but to be safe there are various online single-file virus scanners available if you would like to scan the file for viruses prior to installing. I know disabling antivirus can be nerve-racking. ...Alternately you can just point yr antivirus to the downloaded file prior to disabling it to install...

    EDIT 2: If you still encounter the issue, perhaps try reinstalling/upgrading Windows Media Player?

  2. You would need to use an RH1/M200 to do the uploading... As this is the only unit that will upload MDLP recordings... This is provided the tracks weren't transferred to the disc via SonicStage, in which case you are out of luck without using some TOC Hacking / cloning (not a particularly easy task, especially with the NH900).

    EDIT: Check out some of the links in my signature area for more detailed info... :)

  3. Is the disc recorded in NetMD or Hi-MD format?

    TOC-Cloning only works with NetMD formats...

    Don't blame ya for not wanting to mess with a perfectly good unit. If it's NetMD I can help you with recovery using one of my own units if need be.

  4. Did you find any way to set the "View" of the folders to the same as the view of the master folder? I can change the latter to Details, but cannot see a way to do this with a folder that I have descended into.


    Yeah this always frustrated me... I haven't found a way around it, but would be immensely grateful to anyone that does! :)

  5. The best way to get yr recordings from one PC to another (this is also good practice anyway) is to remove DRM from the recordings: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=16088

    After doing so, you will be able to freely move them from PC to PC, archive, etc. with no problems.

    Also, I would recommend using SonicStage 4.2 unless you are running Vista. Plenty of members here (myself included) have experienced a multitude of different problems with 4.3 on operating systems other than Vista. The only thing 4.3 has over 4.2 that I am aware of is Vista compatibility, so you won't miss out on any added functionality by using 4.2

  6. Just to throw it out there, I personally was one of the ones that had issues with 4.3 on XP SP2 (haven't tried it w/SP3)... Specifically, after an LP2/LP4 upload (via RH1), there would be an error and the result would be no actual Atrac3 file in my library or anywhere. I got around this for awhile by canceling the transfer @ 99% & copying the (almost complete) files from "C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\SonicStage\Packages\*".. Not long afterward, I downgraded and everything worked fine again.

    I did entertain the possibility that this could perhaps have been due to previous SonicStage remnants/drivers/etc... But tossed that theory after a fresh install of Windows and then 4.3 (with no prior versions) resulted in the same behavior.

    That said, I'm not sure what issues other people were having. But from my experience you run a greater risk of running into problems running 4.3 on XP, and don't really gain anything even if you do get it working...

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