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  1. Thanks for the reply , but with simple burner I can only copy cd-s can't copy my mp3 files , or is there another version? What do u mean use Nero burner for this ? Sorry I can't say I understand how to use RealPlayer in this purpose ... I must be really uninformed can you be more specific as how to do this? I tried copying the cd with simple burner but it still wont let me erase the files reports some sort of "internal error" I've tried few mini discs but the same problem . CHeers
  2. hi, I have a problem with mu Sony 505 with some sort of protection. Not sure how to overcome the problem but I cannot write onto my discs and I can't erase them eather. It seems to be the problem with check-in check-out thing but I'm not sure how it works. Is there a way to force discs to erase or use different burning software to overcome this problem? Seems useless to be able to burn songs 2-3 times and then you can throw away the disc. I can't even erase directly through the mini-disc player without using the PC software. What's the trick? Thanks
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