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  1. Hi, Thanks for that Eltel, i'm off to give it a go! Regards,
  2. Hi Eltel, Yes, i have got the Magix Audio package but i was bit unsure whether it could do the job or how to go about it as the manual isn't very helpful there. Obviously you have been doing well with it! So i plug the MD player into the back of my PC via the mic socket do i then have to select (in the record dialogue - level control box) the Mike feature as opposed to Line In etc? If you could tell me the procedure that you do your music transferals it would be most apprecaited. Thank you!
  3. Okay so i've been recording my own and couple of mate's bands doing a few gigs and that and now i want to transfer it all to my PC so i burn them onto Compact Disc. But what do i need software wise? I don't really wanna use my crappy XP mono sound byte recorder because its just crap. What should i get that will do the job proper? Cheers guys!
  4. Hello, I have got that message on my player/recorder occasionally and usually it means that the disc you have been using is corrupted and your MD player can no longer read it. If it is happening with brand new discs that you've never recorded on then it sounds a bit more serious ane the fault is with your player. Ash
  5. This might be really simple but i need a bit of advice regarding transfering my band's MD recordings to the PC to burn onto CD. I can plug into the PC's line in/out okay but what do i need for the PC to record the recordings? My XP package has this crappy mono sound recorder but i don't think its upto the job, plus i want stereo. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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