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  1. Unit MDS-JE510 Not too much used. Working flawlessly until... now. Situation 1: Recording new recently purchased blanks is OK. Discs can be recorded, erased, edited, recorded again. No issues. Everything's OK. Situation 2: Discs recorded (only once or twice) years ago and stored on a shelve. Rarely played. Can be played perfectly on several decks. Can be erased, edited, re-recorded on several decks but no on the MDS-JE510!!! Weird situation!!! When erased, edited or re-recorded on the MDS-JE510 the music is recorded and can be played without ejecting the dics, but when TOC writing the TOC is corrupted and all I get is a blank disc or a TOC read error. Remember, this TOC error doesn't happen with new blank discs. I'm amazed... Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Well, version 3.97 uses OLD method by default, I have read that next version, 3.98, will use NEW method by default. Anyway, I have checked your program with both OLD and NEW VBR methods with similar (wrong) results. In the other hand, and this is only my humble opinion, I suggest you to simplify the options you show for MP3 encoding. There are thousands of topics on the net about command line parameters for LAME encoding but what is generally suggested is to use presets. CBR encoding: only bitrate is needed. No more no less. Example: --preset cbr 'bitrate' OR -b 'bitrate' ABR enconding: only bitrate, as for cbr, is needed. Example: --preset 'bitrate' VBR encoding: only vbr quality is needed. Example: -V 'quality' --vbr-old (for old method) Example: -V 'quality' --vbr-new (for new method) or just use presets Example: --preset 'preset' (for old method) Example: --preset fast 'preset' (for new method) An additional parameters that can be usefull for CBR, ABR and ¿VBR? is quality (-q). Lame 3.97 defaults quality=3 (-q 3) and thou it ranges from 0 to 9 only two values and really usefull, -q 2 (known as Quality High) and -q 7 (known as Quality Fast). So a drop-down with three values, High, Default, Fast should cover all needs. (Default value should not specify any -q value) I think, imho, that any other option (like max and min bitrate, 0..9 range for quality) will only lead users to confussion. I hope this may help. Thanks for your attention. Further reading: http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?ti...ncoder_settings
  3. HI! Excuse me if this have been discussed anywhere anytime but I have found no topic related to it. I'm using excelent Marc's HiMD Renderer 0.54 to convert OMA files to MP3 but I'm afraid Marc's program is doing something wrong when Lame VBR encoding. I have done some testing and let me show you the results. Size of an oma file for testing purpouses: 57.547.296 bytes Version of LAME used: 3.97 (lame_enc.dll of HiMD Renderer has been replaced with v.3.97) This oma file has been encoding with HiMD Renderer + Lame 3.97 dll and it's corresponding wave file also encoded with EAC + Lame 3.97 dll and with Lame 3.97 (exe version) for verifying size. Case 1. Lame parameters CBR / 224 kbps / q=3 HiMDRenderer mp3 size: 9.136.256 bytes Exact Audio Copy mp3 size: 9.132.881 bytes Lame.exe mp3 size: 9.140.508 bytes Case 2. Lame parameters ABR / 224 kbps / q=3 HiMDRenderer mp3 size: 8.917.120 bytes // final average bitrate: 218kbit Exact Audio Copy mp3 size: 8.914.803 bytes // final average bitrate: 218kbit Lame.exe mp3 size: 8.919.132 bytes // final average bitrate: 218kbit Case 1 and 2 show similar resulting mp3 files, I don't care too much about those small diferences, for me it's ok. Case 3. Lame parameters VBR / Preset Extreme (V=0) / q=3 Exact Audio Copy mp3 size: 9.151.650 bytes // final average bitrate: 224kbit Lame.exe mp3 size: 9.155.574 bytes // final average bitrate: 224kbit And now, let's compare what HiMDRenderer produces with different VBR options: Case 3.1 VBR / Max 320 kbps / Min 32 kbps / V=0 / q=3 HiMDRenderer mp3 size: 5.929.088 bytes // final average bitrate: 145kbit Case 3.2 VBR / Max 320 kbps / Min 192 kbps / V=0 / q=3 HiMDRenderer mp3 size: 7.796.864 bytes // final average bitrate: 191kbit Case 3.3 VBR / Max 320 kbps / Min 224 kbps / V=0 / q=3 HiMDRenderer mp3 size: 9.103.488 bytes // final average bitrate: 223kbit So, what's doing HiMDRenderer with VBR options? I'm not sure... case 3.1 is so weird!! The closer we can get to EAC and LAME.EXE results is by rising minimun bitrate up to 224 kbps, and that makes no sense. What's more, mp3 files from case 3.2 and case 3.3 show no bitrate variation when playing with Winamp, info say they are VBR but behave, mainly, like CBR files. Is Marc's program sending wrong parameters to Lame's dll? For VBR encoding what Lame needs to know are, mainly, just two parameters: 1) -V n quality setting for VBR. default n=4 0=high quality,bigger files. 9=smaller files 2) -q = 0...9. Default -q 5 -q 0: Highest quality, very slow -q 9: Poor quality, but fast For CBR encoding it goes like LAME.exe --preset cbr -q For ABR encoding it goes like LAME.exe --preset -q For VBR encoding it goes like LAME.exe -v -V -q Messing with maximun and minimun birates is no a good idea, imho. I have tried to override this situation, as I always use Extreme VBR encoding, by using a mod of lame_enc as avaliable form rarewares.com which uses a ini file for Lame configuration but I cannot make it to work, nor with HiMD Renderer neither with Eaxact Audio copy. No matter what parameters I put on the ini file it always uses Preset Standard. Anyway, Marc, could you please verify how are you using lame_enc when VBR encoding? Thanks for your attention.
  4. ummm... The MZM-200 is just a MZ-RH1 + Microphone, isn't it?
  5. I got my unit past friday. Have been playing with it during weekend. Very nice. This babe does what it has to do. Uploading feature is a must have, it is for me. I can imagine what would have happened if uploading/unlimited downloading features would have been made avaliable since first Net-MD unit reached the market. Now it is too late, not for me, but for the rest of the world. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with this unit but HELL! Who the f*ck decided not to let the unit/software download in real SP mode? SONY will never understand... let's see what they do with blue-ray units, sure is another SONY fiasco... RH1 is avaliable in SPAIN right now!
  6. Hey! "Tiendas Sony" (www.tiendasony.com) has it avaliable NOW for online ordering (http://www.tiendasony.com/product_info.php?cPath=26_170&products_id=703) for "only" 282 € + 10 € shipping. I have just ordered mine! They say that this is an on demand product, they have no units avaliable at their shop, but I hope they don't delay shipping too much... PS: They have just confirmed me that MZ-RH1 will be avaliable around the middle of July... anyway, I have already ordered it so the only thing left for me to do is WAIT A MONTH! Arghhh!
  7. Well, I have done some research in Spain for the new MZ-RH1 as i'm very much interested on buying it. I have two decks and one portable but this new unit seems to fit all my needs Anyway, I contacted SONY Spain about two weeks ago and they answered me literally that they have the MZ-RH1 avaliable for distributors to order it. Well, I thought that were really good news! So I started my search on distributors and this is what I have found so far: Tiendas Sony (www.tiendasony.com) answered: "Hu! What! This model does not appear in our SONY catalogue..." Sony Gallery (authorized SONY distributor) (www.sonygallery.com): "We'll have this model avaliable for online shopping during this week!" Well, that was 15 days ago but still they have no mention about it on their web site... I check their site regulary so if there is any news I'll post it here. For what I have been looking around on different sites over the net on Europe, America and Japan it seems that MZ-RH1 will not be avaliable for dispatching until late june, it seems that very few units have been made avaliable and online sellers have ran out of stock.
  8. Maybe, but I also know other people from Spain and France that had the same problems with M-D. Never got their stuff and never were given an explanation. Unfortunately I knew this after my affair. Yes, to Spain. M-D was the only place I found where they sell what I need (not avaliable in Europe) and I have bought several things in north-america before without any trouble. If those items were avaliable in Spain, UK, France or the rest of EEC you can bet I would have not order from Canada. Yes, I went to econsumer.org and squaretrade.com, they tried to contact M-D but they got no response too. My mother used to say that all the reputation you get in your whole life can be lost in a single day. Well, "dozens" or however it is said, was just a word, 15 days after the order I sent 1 email, a week later another email, 1 month later... let's say 3 or 4 emails, and then after the second month without replies, I began to send them an e-mail per day. I used three diferent accounts, and also made use of their web site, the have a page to send comments. If they think I'm a spammer they are pretty silly. The order? 130 EURO more or less, enough I think. But, now, I don't care about the money nor the stuff, all I ask is an explanation from them. 1. Yes. 2. Yes 3. Yes. 4. No. Yes, super-solid fraud
  9. I'm 36. MD user since I was 28. I have two units, one deck and one netmd. I hate mp3
  10. I would like to tell you my history to see if anyone here has suffered the same problems as me and to know what you have done if so. On november 10, 2003 I made an online order at www.minidisc-canada.com. They quickly responded me given me full details of the transaction. I paid by credit card. Money was charged to my account on December 1, 2003. They told the goods will arrive in 7 or 10 days (I live in Spain). Today is January 28, 2004. I haven't received any goods so far. I have sent dozens of emails to minidisc-canada with no answer. I have used their web site to ask about my ourder, but no answer too. What's wrong with these guys?. They've got my money but I have nothing instead. They are laughing at me, they give me no answer, no explanation, anything. I'm so desesperately... I have made a public complaint against minidisc-canada at econsumer.gov just to do something although I know it will be useless... Anyone has had any bad experience with Minidisc-Canada? PS: Be aware of these guys... :evil:
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