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  1. "Forbidden" error for the "Pepperoni's Tavern" download location.
  2. I'm having a heck of a time trying to get another cable for my MZ-NH1. It seems to be proprietary and nobody seems to stock just the cables.
  3. Hi all, I'm (attempting to) work with Sonic Stage 2.1.1, and I'm wondering if there's any way I can shift the location of the OMA files from C:......................Sony Corporation.................Packages. I'd love to have them all sitting closer to a root. Help?
  4. Well, I sold my old computer about six months ago and bought a new one. Hooray! And in a last-minute oh-my-god thing, I just took all my SonicStage music and dumped it onto a bunch of CDs. So now I have three CDs with about 24 folders each, all chock-a-block with music. But when I try to import it back into SonicStage on the new computer, I get a blank folder with the album name and some blather about rights when I try to play said album. I'm now aware that it's the damn "copyright management" crap that's screwing this up, but I don't want to have to friggin' re-record all the music again. Is there a workaround here? - Matt
  5. Okay, I've got a bunch of albums with those aggravating freakin' "hidden tracks" on them, where the genius engineers decide to make a twenty-minute final track and add three minutes of music to the end of it. So I have the last song, an immense gap, and then the "hidden" song. Needless to say, when I transfer this to MD, it leaves me with these staggeringly annoying gaps. I can't just insert track marks and delete the silence thanks to our friend TrPROTECT. Does anybody have a workaround for this problem? Is there an ATRAC file editor anywhere out there? Thanks, Matt
  6. I'm trying to insert track marks on a netMD MD using my non-netMD Sony MZ-R900, and can't. Just FYI if anyone is searching the same queries I am.
  7. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and try to fix that concert as vividly as you can in your memory. Or see if you can find a fan who will trade you another concert for your half-bootleg of this one. Condolences, but it's gone, dude. We feel your pain. Believe me, we do. - Matt, who screwed up recording his best friend's graduation-from-university-amazing-jazz-concert
  8. It plays, just doesn't record. Basically I'm looking for DIY ways to realign the record head (more appropriately called the OWH, I guess). I do a lot of field interviews so I'd like to hang onto this as a back-up unit with a mic in. - Matt
  9. I have a R37 that I bought from somebody over the Web years ago, and it's never worked. Some day I will track that man down and have my revenge. But for now, I've had an R37 moldering in a drawer for years because I haven't wanted to pay to have it fixed. My understanding of the problem is that the record head got whacked out of ... uh ... whack at some point and needs to be re-aligned. Has anybody had any experience with actually doing this at home? What are the odds that I'd make the unit much, much worse if I try and fail? - Matt
  10. I'm not familiar with that model, but in general a mini-jack is the small stereo jack, like the one you use for typical computer speakers/regular headphones. LCD just means a digital display but not necessarily backlit, I think.
  11. I'm no electronics genius, but if it's a simple mic, could you splice a headphone volume control into the mic cable? Just a thought...
  12. Poop! I misunderstood your post -- I DO need a special KIND of USB cable, don't I! The 510 arrived today, and it needs a l'il connector at one end, which is unfortunately different than the USB cable for our Kodak digital camera. Any idea where I could buy one online? Bonus points for CANADIAN locations! - Matt
  13. Sweet! Hey, are there any good repair places in MTL? I've got an old R37 that blanks any disc you try to record on with it. It's bizarre. You can put in any disc you want, try to record, it'll record away then give you a TOC error and blank the disc. Bought it off a jerk in Toronto who said it worked, made me pay COD for it and refused to reimburse me after it arrived DOA. - Matt
  14. About a three-hour drive, I guess, but I'm in a midsize city and the repair centre is in (more or less) Montreal, so I imagine the postal arteries are pretty robust. And yeah, it was a very simple problem that I'd diagnosed (more or less) before it arrived at the depot. Now if I can just find somebody who can fix my R37... - Matt
  15. My girlfriend just called, and it's back home with a note that says "replaced faulty phone jack, functional test passed" with a signature. Elapsed time: eleven days since sending. Assuming everything was put back in the box AND it really is working right, that's pretty impressive for a warranty repair job. - Matt
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