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  1. Now that would be the real kicker! This isn't a new format. The MemoryStickPro is available since some time. Problem: The original MemoryStick has a 128MB limit. The Pro-version is the answer to that.
  2. SonicStage is better than iTunes. Why? The iTunes installer craps out with an error, SonicStage loads, installs and runs without any problem. So it is only 19499 people complaining...
  3. From the 8 shown, it is the only one. But all of them play MP3s. And what about the rest? DVDs? MiniSystems? None of them plays Atrac, but a number of them already plays DivX. And all of them play MP3. Which makes no sense, seen from the business side as the Connect-store is completely Atrac-based. Btw, those systems offering USB-Streaming, don't play Atrac either. Don't ask, it doesn't make sense...
  4. Looks like, you don't understand the concept of a removable disc. On a flash/HDD-Player, it is expected, that the tracks are deleted, retransferred and moved around. On MD, you transfer once and leave the music on the disc. When you take off, you simply grab the discs with the music you want. Space running out? Add more discs to the collection. They're cheap, you know. You better not. The Peta doesn't like that. Shouldn't be a problem, as you do that usually only once.
  5. After much thinking and rethinking I have decided to stick with MD. I'll stock up on discs and a few recorders as well and then I'm set for quite a while. Plus, even if Sony stops making MD-equipment immediately, it would take some time to totally clear stock throughout Germany. In other words, it could be late 2006 until the last new one would be sold. Now add two years on top of that, since we have two years warranty by law and Sony has to honor that. So that is the minimum time, I can expect service for my HiMD-units. However, in some countries, the warranty is even longer - up to 5 years by law. ( Sweden IIRC ) That way, spare parts will be even be longer available. I guess, there is a EU-law governing that too ( 5 years ? ), so I'm not worried about keeping my stuff running. Plus, there is always eBay and Audiocubes. On the other paw, all we heard from Sony were plans and intentions, but nothing solid about MD. And production never ceases immediately, so I expect new HiMD-units being available well into 2007 ( Store & distributor stock ), extending warranty obligations into 2009. And even later, if sales pick up again. So, my advice: Do what I do, stock up and you're set for the upcoming years. And if you're being asked, what MP3-player one should buy, educate about MD. If the marketing department is unable to do the job, maybe we are...
  6. No, I was talking about Atrac3Plus@128k compared to Atrac3@132k. SS3.2 offers Atrac3Plus@128k now, when ripping CDs and for transfer onto certain devices. Atrac3Plus@64k doesn't comes near Atrac3@132k - Not even by a mile. Um, no. But the difference is small and the type of artefacts could swing the pendulum towards one or the other one. For me, the glossing over and slight ringing of Atrac3Plus@128k is less bearable than the slight roughness of Atrac3@132k. Speaking of Gapless and MP3: Gapless playback with MP3 is technically absolutely no problem. In fact, gapless playback is NO problem with any codec. But why is gapless such a big deal? Simple, the authors of player software and DVD-player firmware are simply incapable of designing a decent read-ahead buffer system, that has the data of the next song ready and available for decoding, when the previous track ends. Btw, Winamp could play gapless, if those authors had thought it through a little further. Winamp has already the needed read-ahead buffer - It is needed for the crossfade.
  7. Soundwise, they match quite closely, with Atrac3 slightly in front. So it boils down to a matter of taste, which type of artefacts are less disturbing for someones liking. However, I don't know, how far Atrac3Plus could be improved at these bitrates.
  8. No, haven't had this before. I suggest, before using it with SonicStage, that you format the disc in the RH10. Menue -> EDIT -> FORMAT -> OK -> Press JogDial. Try this with the dead discs as well. If it blanks out more discs instead of recording, I suggest to return the RH10 for Service or exchange. I had absolutely no problems using standard discs in my NH700 ( has the same laser block ) Yep, even Memorex discs...
  9. What makes me wonder, that there is not a single home unit, that can play Atrac-CDs. No CD, no DVD, no SACD-player, nothing. Had I to decide, Atrac would have become a company wide audio platform, implemented onto everything, that could play digital media. Oh, and something like Hermstedts HiFidelio would have been created as well. ( And of course with a HiMD-Drive ) In other words, I'm missing a solid platform oriented strategy. However, I don't think, that the Atrac-codec will be ditched, as the Connect-store is Atrac-Based. And that thing is growing, despite iTunes and a bunch of others. Wundoos worries are really small compared to the task of reripping/converting the whole Connect-Store.
  10. The application is simple: This is a showcase for OpenSource-software and new music, demonstrating that Linux and especially Amarok is a good solution for multimedia playback and reliable at that.
  11. And 75 bucks every two to three years. You better read the Battery Replacement Policy: http://www.m-audio.com/images/en/warranty/MT_Warranty.pdf That alone kills it for me.
  12. SonicStage 3.2 already offers these and a few more. Btw. replace the 96 with 105kBit and the 128 with 132kBit. That is already possible on any HiMD/MDLP unit. These two can be used in NetMD-mode as well as in HiMD-Mode.
  13. The Amarok Live CD is a selfstarting Linuxdistro that has one purpose: Playing the music, that is included. About 40 tracks from the Magnatune lineup are included. Of course, it plays music from a plugged in USB-Stick as well. Just pop in the CD and restart the PC. You'll find information and the download here. Magnatune - Where Artists really get paid.
  14. Found on Heise.de: Paramount wants to use both DVD-successors. As the first studio, Paramount has announced to use both DVD-successor formats - HD-DVD and BlueRay. This decision could be seen as a weakening of the HD-DVD-fraction, as Paramount wanted to use only that format. The use of BlueRay-technology in the upcoming Playstation3 is an important argument for rethinking of the position, Paramount CEO Thomas Lesinski has been quoted in the New York Times on Monday. It looks like, that this decision will lead to a costly competition, that finally is decided by the enduser. Both formats are expected to be introduced in the next year.
  15. This is correct. Reason: The existence of prerecorded discs. I can't think of any other reason. So, only analog HiMD-PCM recordings can be uploaded. For your old recordings, you have three ways: 1) Record analog into the M100 (PCM-mode) and upload that. 2) Record analog into the Mac. 3) Buy a homedeck with Digital out ( e.g. on eBay ) and record digitally into the Mac, if yours have optical in. After that, edit out again on the Mac, but the trackmarks will always be gone.
  16. You should open the box and use it. First, it works for a few years. Second, Sony is known to supply media for a long time, sometimes for more that 30 years. ( U-Matic anyone? ) Third, have you read M-Audio's Battery Replacement Policy? In short, if the LiIon-Battery is dead, you have to send the Microtrack back and pay 75 bucks. Remember the iPod-battery debacle. That alone puts me off. So, be happy with your M100 and forget the Microtrack rather quickly. On a sidenote, noone can assure you, that CF-Cards don't become unavailable. Heck, it is already nearly impossible to get anything smaller than 128MB - except eBay. Problem: My digicam cannot handle more than 128MB, so this becomes a problem for me.
  17. But I do. First, there is no official statement yet. We should atleast await that. Second, what is very important, is HOW that contact is made. Steaming off isn't helping anything. Instead it would reinforce a decision to drop the format. Plus, we should also see, if Sony offers an alternative, one that might even offers a higher usability/performance/value than MD. Another thing: Some posts here have a disturbing tone. To be frank, I don't like reading things like 'Sony can go to hell'. I strongly suggest, that anyone here cools down and reread the message before clicking on 'Add Reply'. It isn't that hard to stay civilized, isn't it?
  18. Are you fed up with snail mail spam? Don't just throw it away. Check if it got a postage paid return envelope and get even: The 'other' type of Business Reply Mail Remember: The more people join, the quicker the snail mail spam menace will stop. Note to Non-US residents: This applies to USPS only. And now have fun.
  19. I'd like to see that one, as it would increase choice, since other manufacturers would replace their lines with Hi-MD equipment. Plus, that in turn would increase demand for 1GB-blanks, reducing their cost as well due to higher production. And since almost every Hi-MD-unit has a USB-connector, it also would mean more revenue for the Connect-Store. Also, it is known for a long time, that competition increases business, so all parties involved in such a joint venture profit. The automobile industry is a good example for that. But, there will be product lines, that have to go. Analog shortwave receivers would be one, I can think of, since the whole world works actively towards digital shortwave, so these will be obsolete in a few years. And cathode ray tube tvs will go as well, I guess. Might take a year or two, but the market trend is clear. The same could be true for video recorders. Dixons, a big british retail chain already stopped selling video recorders. If you need one, you will get a DVD-recorder instead. If I would comb through the whole product portfolio, I could come up with more possible candidates.
  20. Simple: 1) MD is the only decent sounding cheap portable recorder. 2) Unlimited storage. Disc full? Just pop in a new one. 3) Higher reliability. Media is protected by a shell and I never had any disc failures. But I had a lot of CDs fail in the last few years. 4) Higher running time per battery charge. Depending on model, running times of up to 80 hours are possible. Show me a HDD-based player doing that. 5) Cheap media. 6) Easy editing of recordings.
  21. Exact my sentiment. Or as we say in German: Irgendwann ist es auch mal gut.
  22. Ok, when the pooch survives, then I guess, that MD is less endangered. However, the biped one, QRIO could face a different fate, as that one isn't a regular product, but with a very expensive R&D behind it. That one cost real money. Oh, btw. if someone think, that we are crazy, you better look here ( From this weekends California Aibo-Meet.): http://bbs.aibosite.com/index.cgi?read=49031 I just say: Wow. And for quite a time. There are still fully functional MZ-1s ( first portable ) and MDS-101s ( first home-deck ) popping up on eBay, about four MZ-1 this week alone. So, if well treated and maintained, expect 5 years or more of useful life from your recorders. Just remember to remove the battery, when not using it for a longer time to prevent leaking. And speaking of newer technology: I don't see anything now, that gives more bang for the buck than minidisc. Maybe a BlueRay-based SuperMD in the future, in 5 or 10 years maybe... And these thousands have quite different concerns. Not all countries have a decent unemployment insurance, so for some it could mean: No Sony, no food. To all: I say, we should wait for an official statement from Sony before doing anything. Blind actionism doesn't help here. Plus, there is another thing: Sony is a publicly traded company. Therefore Sony has an obligation: Fiduciary duty. In other words: When a product or service doesn't become profitable in a reasonable time, then it must be scrapped. Otherwise Sony could risk a shareholder lawsuit. And these are real nasty. So becoming profitable again is surely more important than our worries...
  23. That's right, it looks quite different, but that's also the case with with prototype cars. The final version often looks very different. And in regard to the DH10 we should be glad, the final version looks much better than the concept.
  24. The first one has never been realized, one of the Vaio HD-based players comes close to it. The second one is in Richyhus avatar-pic, it is the DH10.
  25. Me! * hops around frantically waving * Sure, but when using PCM, a disk is full in 90 minutes. And a decent rehearsal session could take a lot longer than that. So having a few extra discs is recommended. As I said, streetprice might be lower. Comparing is always recommended. Btw, bundles had been quite successful in the past. * Keels over, laughing like a hyena on nitrous oxide * Sorry, but there is more necessary than a few nice pics on the website. Then the chaos here in Europe, Sony doesn't even manages to distribute all models in the core european countries. Not necessarily, but MD is practically invisible here. And if you don't tell anyone, what you have, noone will buy it. Why not? MD, and especially HiMD is a decent MP3-player as well. Offer the choice and let the customer decide. But when the customer doesn't know... iPods aren't that cheap either. But why is iPod the market leader? Because everytime a new one is released, there is a massive campaign going on. Visibility in the media is the keyword here.
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