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  1. Chris (Your friendly neighborhood Kurisu, I believe) from our forums made that post! Great write!
  2. Take a look.... Sony.ca Minidisc Section They are down to only 2 models. Which means either: They are making room for this year's models, or They are phasing MD out. Just a couple weeks ago, 4 models were shown, one was an MD model. Now they're gone...
  3. I would believe that the unit has a line out option in its sound settings Thats awesome with the MDLP stuff! Although my first MD unit was the mz-n505, still great to hear about the dissipating of the DRM! We just need drag'n'drop!
  4. Guess what just popped up on engadget! Link! Sweet! 300 US dollars = 400 canadian big ones! But its kinda depressing that Sir Howard wants to kill the format Maybe this is THE last! Most likey the most popular i bet. Maybe even Howard will change his mind and let it go for a few more rounds (years). Minidisc history is turning into the Drive-In history. Although some people want it, and lots of people vouch for it... not nearly enough people goes to make the service sustainable. I guess we can say that this is the last ride to minidisc fandom, boys/girls. Breathe it in... Breathe it in. At least they went out with a bang, with the HD digital amp. I think i might buy into this one. Edit: LOL! it points to this thread! But where did the $300 MSRP come from? Edit 2: I feel bad for the server, now that 130 people just jumped into this t hread. Expect thousands more in the next 24 hours . Good luck server. Just wait, and the server will be taken off line (restarted) due to a human DoS
  5. lol looking at the members looking at this... 6 colored ones and 6 regular members (including myself)! Hmm.. could one of the 23 guests be sony? Hmm..... Anywho, i sure hope that this isnt the only one. Sony has a reputation of holding back info religiously, so i think that theres gotta be a minidisc player that would compete with the ipod (their GUID is pretty crazy awesome this past year!). I thing that i hope for is the drag and drop onto the disk for songs!
  6. My work is done here lol! ... What? i thought i might make this guy feel at home
  7. I usually purchased those PDA screen protectors. Its a sticky plastic that has no adhesive, and you can easily cut out the shape of your screen with scissors.
  8. Correction: The new SonicStage 3.4 allows UNLIMITED Downloads and UNLIMITED uploads from your Hi-MD onto any computer with NO RESTRICTIONS. If you have a regular MD device, you still get the unlimited downloads, but no uploading through SonicStage (Hardware limitation). Hope this helps! Edit: Just noticed the last line of the previous post. Apologies!
  9. main feature that the rh10 has: MP3. CHEAP. while you sacrifice a whackful of features compared to the 1st gen.
  10. the 910s is silver, the 910 is black.
  11. i dont think there will be a PSP 2 at this point... unless PSP finds its niche. right now, the DS has it made.
  12. If youre going for functionality, the nh900 is your winner. nh1 is a better looking version of the nh900. thats all. the rh10 in fact has LESS features than the 1st gen (no lineout, no HD amp). note that you CANNOT upload recordings made on your n10.
  13. if you say you can use your computer's soundcard, you can transfer the CD digitally via Sonicstage with no degredation in PCM mode. As far as i know, CD to PCM has no degredation whatsoever.
  14. storyteller: a remote commander is just a giant knob. twist the knob right to play / >>. the other way goes <<. push it down to stop. basically, its for your car.
  15. what kind of AA battery these days are 1200mAh? my energizer ni-mh rechargeable is 2050mAh.
  16. ya. us 900 fans get to deal with button malfunctions
  17. actually, its 42% more space than a CD youd think that its 30, because its 300 megs down from a gig, which makes a CD 30% less than a hi-md. but a hi-md has 42% more space than a CD btw, i have 132 kbps songs for assorted songs, 64kbps for full albums, 256 kbps for special unique flagship songs, and 64kbps radio broadcasts (i record an hour's worth in 192kbps, then bring it to 64kbps atrac3plus for my hi-md.) time on my disk so far: 17 hours between 185 songs, with another 273 megs left . ALL THAT ON ONE DISK. NOW THATS DISK MANAGEMENT! (btw, i use a nh900 )
  18. ya. bull. gamingsteve.com has podcasts, and all they are is mp3. i always wondered what podcasts were . dumb. just dumb.
  19. yup, you can. just ript the cd into a PCM format (using a cd ripper.. im not sure in Sonicstage allows PCM) and transfer over to the md. it will prompt you to pick a codec i think. if it does, select PCM. if not, then i have no clue how to make it pop up when you want it to. i have tried to figure the damn thing myself, and im no closer in figuring how it knows when to convert.
  20. i believe they have the same recording quality. playback is marginally better on the NH-1 though because of the HD-Amp.
  21. the reason i divide by 8 is because there are 8 bits in one byte. and file storage is usually rated in bytes, not bits. here are the components to my equation: First, i make the measurements the same units (I like to deal with bytes, not bits). (S * 1024) Stepping the megabytes down to kilobytes. (B/8) Stepping up kilobits to kilobytes (kilobytes/seconds) = size{in kilobytes} therefore (kilobytes / size{in kilobytes}) = seconds T1 = ((S * 1024) / (B/8)) as for the last part, i am stepping the unit of measurement up to hours from seconds (60*60 = 3600). so the formula becomes T = (T1) / 3600 T = ((S * 1024) / (B/8)) / 3600 edit: as for the bits in a kilobit thing... google says differently. http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=bits+in+a+kilobit&meta=
  22. im thinking the lens motor is crapping out, or the lens is out of alignment. can you hear the disk spinning?
  23. hmm. you can figure it out using this calculation. S = disk size, in MB B = Bit rate, in Kbps T = Time available, in hours in this case, for our purposes, we shall use 128kbps mp3 codec. T = ((S * 1024) / (B/8)) / 3600 18.2 = ((1024*1024)/128)) / 3600 18.2 hours without the data used for system directory listing (i dont know the number right now) you can use this formula with any bitrate, or any filesize (like, find the time if a file is a certain filesize). edit: i changed the 132kbps to 128mp3.. because in excel i used 128kbps, and i closed the window
  24. they both have the battery attachment to my knowledge.
  25. they re not rip-offs. they are simply in-store prices. as for recording, they are equivalant. the differeneces between 900 and 910 are: 900 lacks: 5 line LCD (has a 3 Line) file browser (to view files, not open them) mp3 playback but... the 910 lacks HD Amp (has a digital amp. the HD amp has better sound) front metal casing line out remote Programming playlist cradle track rehersal mode (you can move the track lines for recorded material) theres probably more differences than shown here, but IMO the 900 has a much better appeal now that its only 300 (compared to 450 when it first came out. the supplied remote, HD digital amp, cradle, and LINE OUT more than makes the 40 dollar difference (the remote alone is 60 bucks) as for mics, i havent the slightest.
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