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  1. Well I accidently had my MZ510 dropped and since then everytime I try to play any minidisc cassett it says "ERROR" and not plays the cassett. Anything to make this thing work? I ran out of warranty... thanks
  2. Thank you all, that was helpful
  3. I own a 510 mz sony unit, using senn MX 450 earphones. what do you mean FFDshow? where can I find info about this?
  4. I assume it's not necessary to uninstall the whole codec pack. simply look for last modified files with an *.ax ending. if you would mention your codec pack I could give a more focused answer.
  5. How can I avoid the flat sound on the minidisc after I transfer songs? Can I EQ the tracks before I transfer?if yes, then how? any program available?
  6. Muhahahahahahah PROBLEM SOLVED The problem was with the codecs. I had this lionheard codec pack and as soon as I uninstalled it ,ss worked fine during playback of mp3's imports.(strange that the last time i've done it the problem didn't go away..) well i installed another pack and same old same. then i renamed one file hidden in windows/system32 direction ,with an ending of ax, to bak and it seems to work fine!
  7. As a continuation to the previous post: Problems with SS Well, the problem is still there. nothing changed except that I've noticed that there are more or less 5 tracks that this problems does not appear in. it's important to mention that these tracks are no different than the other ones. therefor i'm asking for an alternatives for SS cause i had enough of this disfunctional program series.(sorry SS fans, this program does suck) anyone got any? bytheway, I've attached two samples to this post. one named Sample_nonss, it indicates on how the track sounds like with winamp, outside of SS. the second one named Sample_ss ,indicates on how it sounds in sonic stage when "imported" i'm sure as hell you'll find the difference thanks. Sample_ss.mp3 Sample_nonss.mp3
  8. How do I like the sound? Well, to be honest, I chose those based on reviews or even user advises when I even hadn't tried them atall. going on blind. After a close lookup with this pair, I was pretty amazed of the sound quality overall, though there are a few lacks. On the senn MX450 you really don't have much of bass, it really gets annoying sometimes, for me atleast. my ear ache a bit after consistent use. Now,with the HD497 the sound quality again had this thing you would probably like if you were using a pair of cheap sony headphones before, that cost 5 bucks the most. the sound again is a bit without much of bass, but its nothing like the MX450. on the 497 you can hear that frequencies that you normaly don't. even the static huss of Mp3's can be heard one this headphones. Maybe it will sound to you a little enthusiastic, but don't forget it's my first advanced set of headphones, and hopefully will last a long time. Overall i'm happy with what I bought and I do recommend it.:-) both cost me under 80 bucks by the way.
  9. A Senn HD 497 and a Senn MX450 High quality photos
  10. Can you please provide a link to the 3.0 Ver of SS?
  11. thanks for the reply. I have a really nice pc rack, so running applications like sonic stage is not a problem(I'm mixing music on this computer, which takes alot more resources i think). as i said before, when i'm importing music to a playlist, and i try to play the playlist while it's on the hard-drive, and the music seems to falter. I think it's a software problem, but where?I tried both versions of ss, 1.5 and 3.3 and both suck with this problem. thanks.
  12. Newsflash! I tried to play the playlist and i've noticed the cracked and faltered sound i've been experiencing before on the minidisc itself. what should I do? I already tried to build a new playlist, and on winamp,the songs sound right. Help!!
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