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  1. hmmmmm, do you know I reckon that could well be what's causing it? I'll have to try leaving it unmoved for a few hours to see if the reset manifests without being touched though... Thanks! (kinda poor design really - that eject button is unnecessarily large)
  2. Hi. Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere... Is it just me, or does the MZ-RH1 have the rather annoying 'feature' of resetting itself to the start of the disc once its been off for a while; ie, after pressing stop. This is my 4th MD and the other 3 would always simply resume from the previous position, assuming the battery hadn't been removed, the disc removed, or you did anything to reset it yourself. The RH1 behaves like that if it's stopped for short periods. But it seems that after some magic amount of time it resets back to the start. Which is frikking annoying if you're listening to large tracks (dj mix sets - >90mins). And while I'm having a bitch, has anyone else noticed the sound equalizer function is pretty sub-par too? I used two preset custom sound settings on my NH1 - depending on which headphones I was using - and that worked brilliantly. But I find that the RH1 seems to reduce overall volume and tries to adjust for peaks and troughs in the audio, which frankly blows. All in all I have to say I've been kinda dissapointed by the RH1. The lack of DRM, the ability to use mp3s directly, the ability to pull old MD format discs back to PC - all brilliant. But otherwise the physical build quality and simple but serious annoyances like the above (and the crummy remote!) make it less than perfect. (End rant.)
  3. Hi all. I think this sort of question has been asked before, but I couldnt quite find the answer I'm after... I have an MZ-R900 (Australian model) and am having some difficulty with digital optical recording: specifically, no auto track marks. I have a Loewe Xemix DVD player, and when recording standard audio CDs via its optical output to the MD, I get track marks inserted as expected. Problem is, this DVD player died. So I'm trying to do the same thing using either the optical outputs of a Creative Audigy 2 Platinum PC soundcard, or the optical output (via higher AV pack) of an XBox (Aus/PAL version). Neither will give me auto track marks at all. I know I could use 2sec gaps, but the thing is most of the CDs I wish to record to MD are DJ mixes - so a gap is pretty useless. So my question is why? Is there some reason why one device gives the auto marks, and others dont? Does the digital output have to be a specific format - PCM vs AC-3 maybe? For that matter, what exactly is it that indicates to the MD recorder that a track mark should be inserted anyway (in digital mode I mean)? And help much appreciated, thanks!
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