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  1. I realise the High Definition digital amp will make a difference when playing through quality headgear but will it enhance the sound (compared to NetMD) when played through my main stereo when used as a component such as my cd player - will there be a difference? I'm talking line-out to my main amplifier. Thanks.
  2. Hi All I have a mzn707. I do use it a lot for it's netmd fuction (harddisk to MD). The volume recorded is quite low when playing through my full size amp. Is there any way to increase recording volume using METMD software? I cannot find any options to increase the recoding volume. Thanks for your help. Paul Rbonson
  3. I typed a post the other day relating to how to increase the recording volume for my SONY NETMD player using net md (USB to minidisc) software - supplied by Sony when I bought the product. The post was removed as being not relevant to this forum?? What is this forum for but to seek answers to these questions? Very confusing - Sony product, Sony software, netmd made by Sony, to a Sony minidisc community forum. Hmmm. Paul Robinson.
  4. Hi I get very low recording volumes when using openmg (netmd option etc). It sounds load enough for headphones but playing through my full size stereo system, I have to use a lot of volume - don't feel comfortable with that. Recording directly from my outputs on my main amp the volume is fine. There doesn't seem to be an option to increase the recording volume when using netmd software? My unit is a MZN707. Thanks all. Paul.
  5. I am buying a year old mz-n707. Prior to my looking at that unit I was considering the mz-r700. I chose the 707 due to price and 707 being a netmd. My question is this. The manual for the 700 said the unit could run in aux for my amp even though it was a MD headphone out, no other line-out (just set the bass to 0) and it would sound great through the big amp and speakers. The 707 also has headphone line out only but it makes no mention of running this MD into a spare aux to listen to though my stereo. Does that mean the 700 has a feature that the 707 is lacking or is it safe to just do it? I appreciate anyone's comments and assistance. If you live local (CHristchurch NZ) I'll even send you a chocolate fish Thanks Paul
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