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  1. This was at my church as an alternative to cassette recording, but it was never used and so it came home with me. Deck works great, all buttons are in great shape, the loading mechanism is perfectly fine. It comes with the titling/editing remote, which is in great condition (other than the two initials on the back of it). None of the lettering in worn off, and the battery cover is nice and tight - no corrosion on the contacts either.

    I figures I'd put this here before I slapped it up on ebay, but if there is no interest then that's where it will head.

    $50.00 US plus shipping, I'll ship anywhere in the world. US Postal Priority mail should be less than $20.00, I think it'll be about 16.50.

    Sorry about the bad picture quality - I have only a used camera that I got for 1 dollar at a yard sale. :P



  2. I'm looking to get rid of my in-dash car MD player. It works perfectly, everything at 100%, the only problem is that I have a bunch of MD's from swaps that are LP2 and I can't play them on my unit - it's SP/Mono only, like almost every other head unit. I'll actually have the ability to listen to MORE MD's if I go back to my cassette adapter and use a portable that has LP functions.

    Detachable fold-down faceplate, level meter display (5 modes), I might be able to dig up the original UK ISO connectors - it's currently set to be wired to a USA Ford Escort. If you have an Escort, and you'd like the unit, I'll sell you the dash kit as well - so that you can put any single-DIN unit in instead of the nasty factory radio.

    Sadly, I do not have the mounting hardware for it, but I do have the manual on CD for the unit.

    65 dollars plus shipping takes it, I'll ship it anywhere in the globe; price is mildly flexible. I would also take a trade for an MDLP compatible portable with a mic-in jack.

    Any takers?

  3. I was ripping some CD's to my PC the other day, and ran into a problem. Now that I'm back into MD really heavy, how do I want to rip my files? Also, above and beyond format, what bitrate do I want?

    I've always been an iTunes user, just because I liked the interface and layout better than winamp. Now, though, Running SonicStage and iTunes together and trying to make sure that my music library doesn't get all jumbled is too much.

    Should I just switch entirely to OMG and SonicStage? What bitrate of ATRAC should I rip at, if I typically made mp3's at 192 kbps? As it stands now, I have no Hi-MD equipment.

  4. Well, see, here's my slight dilemma. I can't work on my 707 unless my wife is gone; she refuses to allow me to solder while she's here (and I can understand she doesn't want to be breathing lead/rosin fumes, I don't find them tasty myself). For the work schedules we have, it's somewhat hard to have time to myself.

    Also, I want an Auvi bad enough to TASTE it, something like the DR80's that are for sale here (if my 707 is totally kaput, I MIGHT be able to replace it now (but I did just buy an E10)) or a DR7.

    Upgrading to Hi-MD is a tricky task itself. Of the units that are out, I have VERY high standards for what I want to get, and I'm not sure what fits them best. I'm willing to import a unit from any country to get the features that I want/need (like the RH710 - I can't use a US unit, they have no mic in, but one that does have the mic input would work). Here is my list:

    1. must have mic, line, and optical inputs

    2. prefer a remote with LCD screen (will go without screen if I have to/find one at a really good price

    3. must be able to record in original SP and LP2 as well as new Hi-MD compressions

    4. I prefer Li-Ion batteries to Ni-MH, so I'd be more willing to purchase one powered by Li-Ion. I don't loathe Ni-MH, I just have a preference - and they're not it.

    So, now what? Wait for an RH1, or try and get an older Hi-MD unit that fits? Or, just buy a DR80? LOL

  5. My first ever MD unit, my beloved MZ-N707 (with the RZ-900 hack) that I bought from an old admin here, is dying! It records just fine from mic, USB, optical, and line-in. Playback is fine too, except:

    No sound comes out.

    Headphones directly plugged in or through the remote makes no difference. If I hold on the headphone jack, sort of sqeezing it to the circuit board, it picks up just fine. I disassembled it according to the service manual, and tested the jack with a multimeter - everything seems to check out fine. I even un-soldered the jack and re-soldered it on (don't worry, I've done electronics repair for 8 years), but the problem still exists.

    Is this internal to the circuit board? Is my N707 shot? Is the board cracked somewhere that may cause this?

    Please help! I love this unit to much to see it go! If it is dead, I don't know what I'll do - probably something drastic, like buy a DR80 or move up to Hi-MD! :(

  6. When you plug in the unit, can you mount it as a drive? Possibly /dev/scd_ where "_" is some number. Either that, or it might be /dev/usb_.

    What flavor of linux are you running? That would be helpful information too.

    Plug in the unit, and run "lsusb". What results do you get?

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