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  1. I was wondering the direction may have something to do with it. I think i had it aimed straight for the speakers. I'll try the headphones next time. mine cover the ears good.
  2. I've done a few live recordings with MS957 and Sony 800 HI-MD. even on manual levels there doesn't seem to be enough bass. a little too much high pitch. is there a way to fix that during recording?
  3. I've switched gears and been playing my audio through the USB (not uploading it) and recording realtime with audacity. I am personally happy with that and don't even care if Sony upgrades the software. my concern is keeping the quality.. that i could not get plugging into my generic sound card. I also like hearing my audio start to finish on my speakers, i have to do it anyway and why not while recording? I'm pretty happy right now with the advantages of HI-MD and the MS-957, from the NetMD and 907 mic i started with.
  4. So far i've been transferring to the PC from my 800, then recording in wave with Audacity while playing track in SS. I think i read that the quality is the same as recording from MD? is it also true that i can only upload mic recording into SS once?
  5. Has anyone used the Sony MS-957?
  6. sup8

    NH- 800 vs NH900

    If you really want me to post a pic I will, but i'm not making up the fact my remote lights up. and how do you post pics here?
  7. sup8

    NH- 800 vs NH900

    Well, I swear my 800 remote has a back light.. it's not mentioned in the specs, but it's pictured on their website with the remote lit up on the 800.. personally i did not find any of the 900's advantages to be worth an extra $50, at least for my purposes.
  8. sup8

    NH- 800 vs NH900

    I think the name was Hype Audio. I got it for $236, but they charged me $20 for shipping.
  9. sup8

    NH- 800 vs NH900

    I have an 800, the remote does light up.. is that a backlight?
  10. sup8

    PCM to PC to CD

    So Audacity works for recording through the usb? i have Audacity and just recieved my hi-md800 yesterday. going to test it tonight. do i even need to install sonic stage software?
  11. I just ordered my 800 HI-MD. will it be possible to record from a net MD then record that to PC with USB?
  12. I think it was funny actually.. i'm catching them again in 2 weeks. and as i was discovering this mishap, the band mates were walking up to me saying, "So how does it sound?" but a did replace that battery since and am listening to an excellent recording now :grin:
  13. A little off topic, but I went to a big music store yesterday for a small mic stand. while i was there i decided to demo a $350 mic with my MD just to hear it (knowing i can't buy it yet) it needed a battery so i took the one out of my ms907 to put in it. it sounded awsome.. so 8 hours later i play back the show i just recorded and there was nothing.. because the battery was left in the store mic :wacky:
  14. http://www.soundprofessionals.com/cgi-bin/...m/IMIC-USB-PORT Any luck using this USB plug-in to upload from the MD? will it work with Audacity?
  15. Thanks, I'll try a couple of combos.
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