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  1. Well, Audiocubes seems to be a US online store. Us Canucks don't like to pay that aweful duty cost.
  2. Hi there. I'm just learning how to record some live rock shows with my nh900. Can anyone suggest some settings recording settings besides the manual recording level setting? I've been using my nh900 with a Sound Professionals Single Point Stereo T Microphone SP-SPSM1. I like this mic for recording basic stuff, but i'm not sure if it can handle the live rock music. tell me what you think!
  3. I just talked with Minidisc Canada and they told me "looks like next week". We'll see now, won't we.
  4. hahahah, right. I get it. I just went on to Ebay ... and NO, i don't feel like paying $70US for 3 discs. I guess I am willing to pay $15CAN. I see that they are available from Best Buy Online for $9US. i guess i have to continue the infamous Sony waiting game.
  5. Has anyone seen any Hi-MD blanks in Canada? Whether its online or at a store ....
  6. How do you assign the USB port to Total Recorder? I can't get Total Recorder to recognize the sound coming in through SS.
  7. Got my nh900 from minidisc canada yesterday afternoon. Now to learn how to use it!
  8. where are you in Canada? and where is MinidiscCanada situated?
  9. Actually I just emailed Minidisc Canada today, and they said my NH900 was shipped and I should be getting it in the next couple of days. He didn't say specifically when it was shipped (today, or on Friday), but the news was good! I'll let you know when it arrives. Hopefully yours does too!
  10. Just to update the Minidisc Canada status of the NH900: "Expected to arrive this Friday." Hope to have it by early next week! Its been a long wait.
  11. Does anyone know when to expect the NH900 here in Canada? sony.ca states that it is "out of stock", when it has stated that the unit hadn't even arrived yet. I pre-ordered mine from MinidiscCanada. I hope I'm not waiting forever.
  12. This may be a dumb question, but does Hi-MD recorders in fact have the ability to record in PCM format? Is PCM compressed? I always thought it wasn't. and What format do the linguists use? What's higher? thanks
  13. MZNH900's expected arrival has been moved to August 17th! I hate this, its driving me nuts! but for the good news: The MZNH1 is available now, and no longer expected to arrive on August 10th. This is all baffling me, and pissing me off. Hopefully it at least becomes available in the US quicker than up here in Canada.
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