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  1. Connect Customer Support Response (Nate) 10/20/2004 10:55 AM Hello again, If you are experiencing the openmgjbox.exe error there is a fix for it. If you are running windows updates, a recent update has caused this error and you need to go into your system and delete the download. You can do this by going into the control panel, and then add/remove programs. Then select the windows update "KB840987" and choose to remove it. Then you have to restart your computer but when you do you will be able to open Sonic Stage. This fix is a temporary one and if the update gets downloaded again automatically you will have to go in and delete it again. When there is a permanent fix we will let you know. If the information I have provided does not completely answer your question, please update this incident so I may be of further assistance to you. Sincerely, Nate Customer Support Representative Sony Connect
  2. can't you just intall 2.2 without updating?? I think when I had problem I just went straight to 2.2 (and I think I also uninstalled OpenMG items from "add/remove programs" before intallling 2.2)
  3. I'm just noob but I do have nh600 and 900 I don't think nh600 have ac adaptor connection(not that I can find on mine at least :whatever: ....oh and it's US version) so....you can't charge?
  4. thanks Seikeden FYI I did a quick test and got it working with just these two removed - Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB840987) - Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB841533)
  5. I came home unstalled all Windows Hot Fixes dated 10/02/2004 reinstalled SonicStage and it finally works... :wink: all I can say is if you have Win2000 don't get the latest update
  6. thank you thank you thank you... my problem happend right after that update too!!!!!!! :wink: I'll have to see if I can undo that update...
  7. thanks I'll do through scan of my computer when I go home tonight (I've been using it for about 2-3 month now so I don't think it's hardware) but is there somekind of preference file imbedded in system it self I can delete? I'm using win 2000 thanks again
  8. dang...I just did uninstall and reinstall but getting same error...I really need help now
  9. when trying to open SonicStage I get this message"Omgjbox.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restartt the program" is there a way to fix this without reinstalling SonicStage? thank you
  10. so sorry....all that stress at work is making me very dumb I have both 600 and 900...and I got confused... I thought 600 for some reason ....sooooo sorry
  11. admin please delete ....I gotta be more careful before posting...my bad
  12. you are right I get this message"this track originated from other computer, can't not upload to this computer...something like that thanks dex Otaku but still cool that you can upload to one computer and download to other hi-md discs
  13. I have another computer here so give me a min I'll install sonicStage and give it a try....
  14. other disc mean hi-md (my other hi-md MZ-NH600D)
  15. this time I recored a regular CD to my 900 using Digital PCLink. I was able to upload to my PC then down loaded to my hi-md 600 and play what's going on? was this possible all the time? I'm very confused.
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