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  1. For non-important long hour radio shows, I've used LP4. Its good for voice and just general stuff. I certainly hear a difference from LP2 down to 4.
  2. I recently added an MZ-M100 to my MD collection, I love this MD by the way, and it came with OEM Sony earphones. Since my last post here I was breaking in those in ear Bose earbuds and found that the stock Sony's sound so much better. I listened repeatedly with the Bose and found they had narrow sounstage, good bass though, but not clear and or crisp, even with EQ tweaking. The sony's that came with the M100 sound clearer, I can hear more detail, the soundstage sounds wider, the bass nice and tight, I think their great! I would not hesitate to buy another pair. So there you go, perhaps in the higher end portables, the earbuds were better. I will say also that the stock earphones that came with an S1 MD I bought also sound pretty darn great....to my ears at least.
  3. Modernaire

    new SACD blog

    Thats GREAT news! Looks like SACD then is sustaining a niche demand and moving forward, thats fabulous. I own a SACD and would love to see that format stay alive.
  4. I visited a Sony Style Store here in Los Angeles and if you can demo each one, you will see the difference. I walked away then came back again to demo the X in the store! I was so impressed by its build, its features and sound quality. The S is a nice one, and the E fine as well, but you can definitely hear and FEEL the difference when you step upto the X. I auditioned it with a set of MDR-V700's, wow. I'm not to hip on the specs but it appears that it has a set of features that enhances the sound of lossy files like MP3's etc. and gives better stereo and overall soundstage. A steller Walkman. So its really best to go and try yourself with a decent pair and hear for yourself and feel how great that X series is.
  5. What does that do? Flashing a non-Japanese with Japanese firmware? I went to a SonyStyle store the other day, I was completely blown away with the X series build and sound quality.
  6. That's right! Take a look at the trailer! It's carefully featured at about :38 seconds in on the HD movie trailer! The Ghost Writer - Official Trailer [HD]: (The embedding feature is disabled so the link is the best I can do) Our MiniDisc Lives!
  7. Anyone tried Bose In-Ear's? I'm breaking some in now, at first the sounded harsh in the mids and bassy, after already a few hours, they are sounding very, very natural. I hope the soundstage opens up a bit though. I'm really impressed by them, I usually am not a Bose aficionado as I've always been SONY dedicated.
  8. I'm also looking into ear/headphone choices over the stock ones that come with our MDs. I've also realized that our ears and listening perceptions adapt and thus you have to assure yourself as with your conclusions MDmad and Bobt's that one's got the best sound happening with what you're listening with. Probably then the first step is initial wow-factor. Does it from the first play of a song through the ear/headphones sound stellar then thats it. But if there is any doubt, dont' just accept it because you want to hear the music or dont want to invest time and money in auditioning, trying out higher quality headgear. Once you accept the mediocre or perhaps substandard quality, then your ear will adapt and accept that as the norm. Thats why there's a market for cheap, mediocre head/earphones. And new brands with trendy styles are popping up all over from China competing with the established greats like Sony, JVC, Denon and so on. So if you've always spent very little in earphones and never listened to higher end products, then you simply are not pushing up your quality because you may have accepted so-so quality as the norm. I know I repeated myself there but you get the picture. Good post.
  9. I own one in rare Japan only Champagne, its a great deck!
  10. Great solutions posted! Just to add my two cents - I use the MDX-C670 and really like it. But I have to say that currently I've switched back to a Sony ES CDX player and the sound is to my ears, slightly better than the MD. I think its nothing to do with the MD but just perhaps the basic electronics and so on inside the MD deck. The MDX I had in my car is very nice, just lacks maybe some benefits of the ES line. I have also not had much time to create MDs for on-the-go car driving since I had to tear down my home stereo system for a move and have been to busy to get around connecting it all up again. And yes, it can be a tad bit time consuming to sit and record songs when you have either a portable iPod to dump songs on, key word dump. I prefer the careful selection of songs for MDs, sometimes full albums or the very best of an artist, or songs that remind me of my lady. It just takes a little time but thats actually part of the fun and joy of using the MiniDisc format. I love titling songs so I can see them in my car stereo, there's a slight sense of satisfaction in that. Technically my setup for MD transfer consists of an iMac with optical output which goes directly into an MDS-JE780, Japanese only model which records in stereo and MDLP with Type S DSP. I also have analog ins from a Sony ES amp thats got a Denon turntable connected to it and a Sony ES cassette deck for rare tape recordings, etc. yep, Im an ES lover! As for bumps on the road, sure my ES/CDX skips but rarely, its normal, just avoid bumps, it may also have to do with your suspension. My MDX deck NEVER skipped which thinking about it that was cool. I'll be storing the MDX if ever I want to use it again, I bought it NEW for almost nothing from someone who never installed it in their car. But for my iPod and MiniDisc in car solution, I want to keep the stellar CDX player and so I bought one of those trick gadgets you connect to the CD link thing in the back of the cd player deck - then I connected a GOOD set of audio RCA's with a mini-stereo plug on the other end for other audio devices. So when you select Changer from the SOURCE button, it finds and thinks there's a CD/MD changer attached but its that little device and you just turn on your portable and you're set! I use the iPod in non-stop song shuffle mode like a radio. I bought it at eBay - its a Unilink adapter of some kind, about 12 to 15 or so bucks worth it. Although, it did at times freeze up my MDX player in which I had to reset the deck, so it may work great in some decks and a little fussy in others - do a search for "Sony Car Stereo Radio UniLink Audio IPod adapter AUX IN" or a variation of that and you'll find the adapter. Ive thought about an MD changer either MDLP or stereo so thats another great solution but right now, Im enjoying the great D/A converter chip in my CDX but with a flexible, affordable and easy setup to plug in other portables. Oh and as for the nano, I'm just a hair away from auctioning it off or craiglisting it, as much as I love the album covers, the menu's are annoying to navigate, dangerous if driving and even walking, the build is awful, very true, plus the sound isnt that great. Ears tend to adapt though, and sometimes bad ends up sounding good, thats a whole other topic. Sorry for the long winded post, hope it gives you or anyone else other ideas on rollin' with the MD in 2010!
  11. They probably them sell due to the fact that cassettes were mostly accepted as another format and became very common in the years upto the appearance of the MiniDisc AND the whole digital music revolution. Cassettes are still used by many by people who used them back in the day but perhaps never embraced something because it looked to complicated or the price range was too high. Of course, I think the MiniDisc is a great cassette replacer, although some high end cassette decks are pretty amazing sounding as well.
  12. I hope it gets resolved, I'd hate for the forum to feel like its being abandoned. I loved that Sony Insider logotype on the left!
  13. The YAMAHA MD8 of course! Yamaha made two other MD MT's - a version of the MD8 that had 4 tracks and the MD4 which was a bit more flashier looking but really nice 4 track. The MD8 also came in silver which was sold in Europe and maybe Asia. I love the machine, when I do my drum practice, I play along with music, I can then mute the guide tracks I played along to and monitor my drumming or do a whole new mix up song. Its fun. I also like the fact that if I do want to create a song for fun that Im not tied down to the MIDI tempo beep that you find in all the computer software. There are no menu's other than the MD menu's we've all come to love! If you record on the MD8 and want to convert the songs, jams, tracks, etc. to WAV/AIFF to Hard Disk then you just need to do your multitrack recording then SOLO each track, and put the stereo outs, with good studio grade cables, to the input of your audio capture device, record maybe at 24/96 just to assure you get the best quality at the HD end and do that for each track. Then you can shift your tracks in Vegas, Soundtrack, ProTools, etc so they sync up. Also to confirm - YES - MiniDisc Data discs work on ALL MD multitrackers but NOT on normal home decks. The MD MTs do play your normal home recorded stereo recordings that are recorded in SP, not MDLP. But you cant playback a MDD recorded in stereo on the MT on a home MD deck. Make sense? At least I never tried, but even stereo recordings made on a multitracker might not work in your portable, etc. Also a trick for getting 16 tracks! You need two MD8's with a footswitch and y-cable to trigger the MD8s to record via the front PUNCH I/O plug in the front - that way you have two MD8's recording side by side 16 tracks simultaneously, synchronized even for playback!
  14. I remember a list once compiled but I dont have it anymore, I may have gotten it from a search back in early 00's. Thats a tough one, unless another MiniDisc enthusiast still has one from way back. Try Audio-T Station, someone still on there may have an old file with all of them listed. Collecting them is still something people are doing. Also, you might want to consider the Japanese releases that had different more square jewel cases - here's a photo I found: Good luck and please share what you find! I wouldnt mind seeing a gallery of every release one day.
  15. That was fun one! Thanks for sharing it! I love rollin' and still using the MD, its almost a lifestyle choice!
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