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  1. after following the faq everything works great ... thx for help
  2. I have Service Pack 2.0 so I guess I have ALL POSSIBLE updates where can I find this NetMD faq to find directions for uninstalling ?
  3. In both cases I installed the version downloaded from connect.com on newly installed windows XP professional Is there no other software to upload music to MD ?
  4. I just simply try to transfer mp3 to my MD I choose Music Source (any mp3 file) and even at this moment program turns off This is totally insane The same thing happens on both my Deskopp Computer and Laptop I used to transfer songs to this MD (so it is not broken) but now neither SS 1.5 nor 2.0 works
  5. Hello I installed Sonic Stage 2.0 and while I want to transfer any sony Sonic Stage simply turns off. I can see all songs on my MD (MZ-N710) but I cannot transfer them as SS simply turns off. I try again and again but it doesn't help The same was with SS 1.5 and Open MG Is there any other program to transfer songs to Net MD ? greetz Adam
  6. Hello Do you maybe know whether Sony RM-MC33L Remote would work with MZ-R900 ? where can I find such info ? txa Adam
  7. Hello could you please tell me with what players does this unit work ? it comes with MZ-N700 and MZ-N707 but will it work with other uinits as well ? greetz Adam
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