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  1. Sadly, I need to sell this beautiful Hi-MD walkman. I've moving and don't have room for it. It is in mint condition and everything in the original package is included. The pics don't show the USB cradle and AC Adapter but those are included as well (they were not available when photographing). I never used the original remote/earphones. Asking for $180 shipped to USA.
  2. Great unit! Alas, I'm downsizing my home and need to reduce the size of my collection. I've decided to keep my MZ-RH1 and sell the DH10P. It's Silver and in great shape, PM me if interested.
  3. Price is now $200 shipped inside USA.
  4. Hello all, This unit is still available! I've been inactive on the forums for a while but am back now. Anyone interested? Thanks!
  5. Behold, the PCM-D50. Specs - 4GB internal memory, directable mics built in, Memory Stick slot for expandability. Unit records to WAV, and has ability to split, join tracks on the unit itself. Here's the official site http ://bssc.sel.sony.com/BroadcastandBusin...3&id=90227 Independent thoughts from Brad Linder here. I think it's great! It pretty much does everything I want. The only thing that I need is a smaller unit, the inbuilt mics would not be necessary for me. A smaller device would make it useful for "stealth" recording. It looks like Sony is on the right path though.
  6. Just bought some Hi-MD blanks from Sector001 and received them fast and in excellent form. Thanks!
  7. BobS, yes there are plenty of other units that play music too. The MD recorders appeal like no other though because of the compact size, stellar quality and long battery life. I'd like to see Sony take this market to the next generation and use flash instead of MD. Certainly it would fit in with other Sony media products such as the Walkman phones, PS3 and PSP.
  8. This baby is now gone! SOLD! I've decided to sell my MZ-RH10 in order to raise funds for other purchases. I bought this just before the MZ-RH1 came out and promptly bought that one too. I've only been using my RH1 and DH10P so decided to sell this unit. It has probably been used to record twice and play about 10 times. Pictures are available below. I think the only thing I am missing from the original package is the included Hi-MD disc. Looking to get $220 shipped to the USA. Paypal accepted.
  9. You're right, it shouldn't. I edited the post to avoid confusion. I don't think Sony sees this as an opportunity though, seeing how they dropped support for ATRAC. Can any other codec give you the same ability - split, join, edit tracks on the go and then upload to computer?
  10. Yes, I wholeheartedly endorse this! I've been thinking along the same lines.. Take out the MD drive and put in a Memory Stick Pro Duo drive, I say! That way, you pop in a MS Pro Duo card, record your music. Take out the card and pop it in a PSP or PS3 and play your music. With 1GB flash memory very close to the $10 mark now, I think the time is ripe! If you don't like swapping cards, you could always go for the 8GB card and make it similar to the Nano in capacity! The recording and editing of tracks is the key ability that I would miss when MD is no more.. I would happily convert to a Memory Stick Walkman Recorder. C'mon Sony!
  11. Bought my first new toy in months - A Sony PlayStation 3! It plays music from my NW-S705 great, but not from my MZ-RH1 Have to purchase a few SACDs and check them out.
  12. That's awesome! I'm waiting for the US launch of the Bamboo. Can I ask how much you paid? How do you like it?
  13. Congrats! You won't regret it
  14. I don't know, really. Guitarfxr sounds like he knows what he's talking about. I hope to try this out pretty soon though, lots of used lenses for good prices on Craigslist.
  15. Just got the Pentax K110D as my first DSLR. First impressions are OK. It does not feel as good as the Nikon D40 which I trialed about 2 weeks back. However, it will be worth it for me even if the pictures are 90% as good. I like it that the Pentax uses AA batteries.
  16. I just bought the Sony LocationFree, wired version - LF-B10. Intend to use it with my PSP. Much lighter than I expected, I wish they had kept the power supply internal instead of an external AC adapter. Yet to use it outside the home.
  17. Nice looking unit, blueraja! Dare I ask how much this unit cost you? Is it readily available?
  18. The Departed, this past week. It scooped a few Oscars last night.
  19. Just placed an order on Amazon.com for Guitar Hero II on the XBox 360! It should ship tomorrow!! Also, just got the Connects2 adapter (to hook up my Hi-MD players to the car stereo) in the mail. Looking forward to installing it up this weekend!
  20. Nice! I've been waiting for that phone to make its way stateside. If I remember right, it takes a Memory Stick Duo (personally don't want Memory Stick Micro) and also included A2DP bluetooth audio. I'll keep looking out...
  21. All the music I've downloaded had no limits on number of transfers!
  22. Thanks guys! Cheers! We decided that there will be no electronic gifts this birthday. However, I think I made up for it with all my purchases this year.
  23. Congratulations! The RH1 is certainly a must-have unit for MD aficionados.
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