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  1. I'm definitely living in the past. I don't use MDs anymore, but I buy all my new music on Vinyl and record it on Cassettes.
  2. Took me quite a few tries to remember my password.
  3. Unfortunately I don't have the know how to help with that Ben. It would be nice to get it back in some form and also bring it up to date.
  4. Yes it is sad to see the T-Station go, but a bunch of us pitched in a year or two ago to get a upgrade to the software. Unfortunately the plans we were thinking of went nowhere and then what was it a hardware issue this time. I know for me the traffic was next to nothing and there was no movement on the site so I lost interest in keeping it going. We're left to Facebook to keep in touch.
  5. Hey Guys I bought this MZ-B10 I think it was last year. Well I have used it for about and hour and do not need recording feature so I am offering it up for sale. The MZ-B10 is like new in the original box with all documentation and accessories. $70 shipped in the USA. Pictures... http://www.pbase.com/dirtweed/sale_junk&page=all Darrin
  6. Hey Guys, I have decided that I need more room and less stuff I don't use. Selling most of my collection of MD units. Going to keep one or two around and some discs to play with. I'll get some pics of all the units later or as interest shows and if the prices are way off let me know. Shipping is extra on all of these listed (but minimal in the US) and no batteries as mine are pretty much toast. Took some pictures of the units... Minidisc Pictures 1. Victor XM-P77 Stainless in exc cond. Some small scuffs on case. Comes with Remote, battery and box and UK charger. $30 Uses regular Gumstick battery so the UK charger thing isn't an issue for US users. 2. ***NO longer for Sale*** MZ-R909. One Silver one Blue both in excellent condition and come with an 11el remote. $45 each 3. ***SOLD***Panasonic SJ-MJ50, one Silver one Blue Excellent condition with one set of speakers. No power cord, but two remotes. $60 for both and the speakers 4. ***SOLD***MZ-R910. In Blue Exc cond, remote (11el), Stand and AC adapter. $70 5. ***SOLD***MZ-N920. Blue with remote (11el), stand, AC adapter and box and paperwork. Like new. $80 6. ***SOLD Pending payment***MZ-R900. I have 1 Red with a few scratches (small) and one Blue that is in Exc cond. I also have one Blue that is a bit more rougher still looks good, but the battery door is not the best and can be hard to close and open at time2. $20 for the Red, but the Blue are sold together for $20 7. ***SOLD***Sharp MD-MT170 in exc cond comes with original box. $15 8. ***SOLD*** MZ-RH910 HiMD. The face is a bit scratched, but the unit works great with 11el remote. $60 Shoot me an email if you want pictures or to chat about the units. Darrin dbehm@rochester.rr.com Minidisc Pictures
  7. 130281001689 Is that the item number you were looking at? I saw them as well and was thinking about one. From the feedback it seems they are indeed new units. I suppose for being new in the box $85 is not too bad. V
  8. Sale Pending on all units! V
  9. Added two more units that didn't end up selling the first go round. V
  10. Updated the Post and prices. V
  11. First up is the Kenwood DMC-S9Net Recorder with an awesome base unit. The recorder and base is in excellent condition and come packed in the original box with all the toys it came with. It is the Gold color unit you see pictured in this link...yes I am too lazy right now to get pics...of course I was too lazy to dig it out two weeks ago. LOL! http://www.minidisc.org/part_Kenwood_DMC-S9NET.html Looking to get $100. Second is my Sony MZ-E720 in Brown Like new...cause I bought it from Bland and only used it once for about 20 minutes and packed it away for safe keeping. Comes with the wrong color base, but it still charges the unit. Comes also in the original box with all the extras. http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-E720.html Looking to get $90. Sony MZ-E500 Silver In the box and in very good condition. Has remote, AA pack and stand. $30 MZ-E700(Pink) Just the pink unit in great shape $20 Sony MZ-E75 (Red) remote as well in very good condition $25 Aiwa AM-PX1 Orange. Like new in the box, bought it from Bland and opened it to see if it was good then put away. $100 Prefer Money Order but will take Paypal. Shipping to be added, but it will be cheap for those shipped in the USA. Free five pk of blansk with each unit...I have fines, HOs and others. V
  12. http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-E800.html If anyone runs across one of these, or has one that they want to part with let me know. I want one to complete the MZ-EX00 collection that I have going. Valder
  13. Hell ya! Hey Guys and Gals never realized how much I go to that board until it is down. I would be so up for that as well! V
  14. Hello Everyone, I've decided to hold onto the RH10 for a bit longer. Valder aka Darrin
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