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  1. Ah ..ck them. Beta,MiniDisc,SACD. I will never buy anything from Sony again. Today, they announced cutting 10 000 jobs worldwide.
  2. What version of ITunes you are running? :wacky: Mine: "File Menu->Burn PlayList to Disc" :wink: Cheers
  3. What I actually implied is overall software solution (iPod "OS",iTunes music management software,iTunes music store). Being aware that music management software runs quite slow on older hardware, got an P4 system @ 2.4 Ghz with semi-decent graphic card and it runs like champ. I agree with you that Itunes still got some rough edges(slow launch,screen redraw speed etc.) but this can all be fixed with a little bit of optimisation. For me SS is utter crap(UI design,DRM,no multithreading) no matter how I look at it. Cheers
  4. SS english can be downloaded from Connect music store. I have MZNH1 japanese model that I use on 3 different "Aussie" PC's (all crappy ones) and never had any trouble with it. SS is crap piece of software ,regardless of localisation :laugh: If price/warranty are not the issue, I'd go for japanese version (gold) just for novelity sake. Cheers
  5. And that won't happen any time soon. There's just too much work to be done on SS.(Ref. to my earlier post) Problem with Sony is that they are not a software company, and Apple is (a good one at that). It really isn't that hard to put 2" hard-drive into small case with screen and call it digital music player. I do not percieve iPod to be engineering marvel of any kind. As you have pointed out, it's the software that makes all the difference. I only wished that Sony and Apple worked together in digital music arena (opposed to Microsoft). Imagine what kind of cool gadgets that relation would have produced. Cheers
  6. I was hopeful that existing Hi-MD units could also gain native mp3 playback with simple firmware update or something. It turns out that they lack mp3 decoder chip in their hardware . Well maybe in next generation? Maybe not? I'd be looking forward to SS 2.3 for other refinements, but won't be holding my breath until I see ver 3.x. Current and also past versions of Sonic Stage have a crappy code-base. My biggest complain about the current software isn’t about its draconian DRM restrictions and horrible UI, but rather appalling lack of multithreading that makes it feel sluggish and awkward compared to other music management apps. It looks like Sony programmers never heard of that concept. I want to be able to rip CD’s to ATRAC and listen songs, browse lists all at the same time (ala iTunes). Cheers
  7. Yeah,guess this is good news.:whatever: Though,I wish Sony had announced update to its ATRAC3+ codec. :grin:
  8. :rasp: :smile: I just had to do it. I totally agree with you. Don't have money right now to throw yet at another portable player,but when I save some, I will eventualy buy an iPod (not pink and not mini though :smile: ). Heck, maybe I'll get iMac G5 to go along with it. Cheers P.S I am sure that mini Pink will look great on you.
  9. You are somewhat wrong here. Nh1 battery lasts much longer then nh900 supplied battery. Nh900 battery is actually very crappy battery on its own. See this kurisu thread about batteries. http://forums.minidisc.org/viewtopic.php?t...989aaee8ebccbd9 NH1 LiIo battery is not embedded,you can replace it,or even buy another one to use as spare. Cheers
  10. I feel bad about this product. Not because I think it's bad. Quite the opposite,I used to like it. I feel bad because its sound quality has almost been bashed to death on these forums They, are tellin me(these, these damn, damn audiophiles )it ain't good,after I spent couple hundered of smackers and after all that long wait and excitement. :whatever: Yesterdee I was walking down the street with my MZNH1 remote proudly attached to my jacket, good looking chick stopped me and said:"hey dude that's pretty cool little mp3 player you've got". I i-i-i, I :wacky: almost reached for my pocket.but then said: "Yeah,ain't it cool sugarl". Yesterdee I was happy chap.Today is Sunday I am sitting in my room,contemplating an iPod mini pink. :grin:
  11. For me,it's mostly Hi-SP. I have recorded 4 Hi-MD discs so far, containing 30 albums in Hi-SP. I'am also planing to use PCM to make digital copies from few of my CD's that have seen better days. :happy:
  12. This has already been discussed. Only early prototypes (or mockups) of the unit had usb port on charging stand. Meanwhile ,shortly before unit went into production, Sony had announced revised specs,with cradle/USB port gone. 'All' early NH1 promo material had small print comment saying that specs are still in flux, and can change prior to the release. Cheers
  13. Yeah,its slow. I have used mine to boot linux from. Takes a while but it works :whatever:. Transfer speed, when copying files in windblows is roughly 100 MB /6-7 min. It averages to around 300 KB per sec. Gets worse of course if you are copying a lot of small size files.
  14. Yeah,It's almost useless. Maybe they could have scrapped it altogether and bring the price down a bit. It has been almost a month , since I bought the unit,and after initial playing around, haven't looked at da thing. I found meself using da remote all da time. Cheers
  15. My point is,don't look for the point,when there's no point. :grin: :smile: Guess, sometimes, I just have too much time on my hands. Cheers
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