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  1. BigTony

    1gb Mini Disc

    Simple question. Does anyone else manufacture the 1GB Hi-MD discs other than Sony? (i.e. TDK). Reason I ask is someone I know has been offered 10 TDK 1GB Hi-MD disks for £10 and I'm not sure if this is the bargin of the day or someone telling little white lies. Cheers BT
  2. BigTony

    Track Merge

    Thanks Guys, Once again you solved my problem. Funny that SS is a very powerful program, but nothing about it is intuiative. Tracks all combined and all systems go ! BT
  3. BigTony

    Track Merge

    Dear all, Well now I have my microphones and battery box I can make some great audio recordings on my NH1. Just one last thing - can I merge tracks ? As I am recording people, when there is no sound there is a new track created, so for 30 mins recording I get 90 tracks, and so 90 wavs after SS. Anyway to merge tracks on the player prior to SS, or whats the best way to merge audio after SS (in WAV format) Cheers BT
  4. I'd check your settings or missout SS altogether, I transfered many lives shows via simple burner and I get no gaps on my NH1. BT
  5. I thought that was the case - so my next question.. does anyone have the pin outs on the cable so I can run power into the player via a battery unit? And where can I get hold of the cable/adapter? Cheers (again) BT
  6. I need to make some extended recordings on my MZ-NH1 (somewhere in the region of 24 hour) - there will be space on the disc for the recording, but I don't think the battery will last that long (the microphones are running through a phantom power box - so I'll be using the line-in not the powered mic in). Is there an add-in for external battery power for this unit? And if not - why not! Cheers BT
  7. So much for the digital age - why oh why can I pay to download music to my PC and then not move it to mini disc like everything else (and back up to DVD)? How can I convert those .wma files into something I can use with SS? Rant ...... Thanks BT PS I know Tunebite will convert via the soundcard - but am I missing something obvious here
  8. Ah - wonderful - why didn't I think of it :-( Having now tried both methods I think I'll stick to the Nero Image route - it gets the job done an takes about the same time and NO GAPS. Cheers BT
  9. Dear All, I've been using MD's for years now as I love the flexability of the format, and I have a player in the car, in the main room hi-fi and a few portables kicking around. I've just moved up to Hi-MD so I can record more on a single disc, but also so I can record live shows in PCM format. One of my main bugbears with the MD is that SonicStage can't read FLAC and SHN Audio files (the format that I have about 400 GB of music in) so to transfer a show to MD I have to convert to wav than import to SS then convert to ATRAC3 then ship it out to the MD. Whcih takes a while and is a hassle (especially when compared with just burning to CD viw Nero), and during the process the sector boundaries get messed up and short breaks appear between tracks. I found the MD Renderer which is great forconverting OMA files to WAV / FLAC / MP3 so I am fishing in the hope that something must go the other way from FLAC - OMA .... well I can hope. The Shn format is losing fans as the FLAC format is more compact, so even just a FLAC to oma would been a great benefit. If anyone here could poitn me in the direction of anyone/thing that can help me, I'd be most grateful. Cheers BigTony BigTony@zappateers.com - come check out the Zappa fanatics on-line, its a way of Life!
  10. Dear All, Just thought I'd pass on that I also ahve the same Codec's problem here. I have manually installed them, but to no avail. Running winxp sp 2 directX 9 Cheers BT
  11. All my live CD's seem to end up with glitches or gaps between tracks - they are not there on the cd. I have upgraded to SS 2 - hope that works out. BT
  12. I have been recoreding fomr live CD's onto my Sony NetMD (via sonicStage) and I find I get short gaps (or glitches) between the tracks. ANyone know how to get rid of this, or what do I have to do to stop these breaks in the first place/ many thanks BT
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