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  1. I converted all of my wav files into ATRAC format using SonicStage 2. I then put the atrac files on a hard drive that I share between 2 laptops. I was hoping to be able to burn Hi-MD disks using either laptop, but only the SS on the laptop I used to make the conversion lets me upload the ATRAC files. Is there any way to get around these restrictions for Hi-MD disks? Looks like there are ways for regular Net-MD but what about Hi-MD? Thanks!
  2. When I try, it says it cannot convert the specified format, because it is not supported. It is just a wav file I made with MusicMatch. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for the response! Let me be more specific on the first #2. I would like to have the main storage of my HiMD music files on a stand-alone external hard drive. That way, I could access them using different computers. In addition, just in case the external hard drive dies, I don't want to have to re-rip the wav files. So I would like to have a full copy of all the HiMD music files as data (not music) on DVD or CD so that I would never again have to re-rip to HiMD format. I would like to be able to just use my CD/DVD burner program to drag/drop my HiMD files from the external drive and burn DVDs or CD's having all of them in HiMD format. Is this doable?
  4. Hello everyone! I am a longtime user of the "classic" MD (not NetMD), and am excited about HiMD. I currently use classic MD and also MP3 for portable music purposes. I am hoping I can do everything I do now with MP3 and MD, just easier faster. Can someone confirm for me whether I can do the following: RIPPING/STORAGE 1. Rip wav files into my choice of HiMD format using sonicstage. 2. Store and copy the HiMD music files as I wish, with no limitations, the same as I could with an MP3 file--one full set on an external HD (as data, not playable music), another archived set on DVD or CD's (as data, not playable music), my faves on my laptop, etc. CREADTING MD's 1. Using the software, create mixes of my favorite music without restrictions on how many times I use any particular HiMD music file. 2. Download these mixes to MD's at super-high speeds. EDITING MD's 1. Use the software to quickly and easily add or delete HiMD music files to any HiMD formatted disc. Thanks!! RR
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