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  1. Alright, so I bought a Sony MZ-R909 from ebay, love it to death, wonderful machine, but the seller was from England, so the AC adapter (aka charger) is one of those funky British adapters with those three prongs set at an angle. I live in the US, so this is a problem, what is the *cheapest* way to recharge my NiMH gumpack battery? I've thought up these solutions: 1) Buy a voltage adapter converting from European to American style (I have only been able to find the other way around) 2) Buy a NiMH gumpack battery charger (I have also not seen this sold anywhere except bundled in an ebay item, not sure how much it would cost by itself) 3) Buy a new Sony AC adapter, American this time (Again, where can I buy one?) Any help will be much appreciated! Best, Julie
  2. I mainly use my MD recorder to record my own music and then upload them to computer using an analog cable. Now does netMD have some special way to tranfer files from MD to PC faster than real-time or does it only make PC to MD transfer faster?
  3. I want to buy any of these three models. I already have a Sharp and am looking into exploring the Sony world. Make me an offer. EDIT: Whoops sorry, I meant N1, not NH1. And just a question...which of these models would you recommend over the other?
  4. Is line out neccessary if you want to transfer from the MD player to the computer with an analog cable? Does the headphone out have more noise? And if so, is it noticeable?
  5. And this is very recent too. Okay, so I was transferring some audio from an MD onto my computer. I finished and turned the player off. I ejected the disc and put another in to play..and now all the player does is make funny noises and flash "TOC READ" over and over as it attempts and fails to read the disc. What happened??
  6. I think I figured out the problem. Right after I record the MD it can cycle through play modes just fine. But after I start dividing, combining, and erasing tracks, the only playback mode available then is normal. This is annoying, but I'm not sure if anything can done to help, can it? Yes, this is the Sharp DR7.
  7. ...or does this have something to do with whether or not I'm in group mode?
  8. Hello there-- I'm new to the forum and have justed purchased my first MD recorder, a Sharp MD-D7 that I found on ebay. I've recorded a bunch of tracks onto an MD in LP2. Now when I'm playing them back, it doesn't let me choose any other playback mode than normal! Is it a problem with my player or the mode that I've recorded in that they won't let me play in random or repeat or etc. mode?
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