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  1. to be honest, i'm not very impressed about it too. although i wouldn't refuse it when i would recieve it as a gift no to be honest, it's quite thick to be the top model, the front looks a bit too overdesigned and the 1.3 megapixels is a joke these days. but the screen itself is gorgeous... waaaaaaaw
  2. i believe that the eh1 and the nh1 use the same amp. but when you do a blinded test, do you hear differences between the player and the recorder unit? perhaps a dumb question, but curious though...
  3. are you sure the nh700 you bought is new since there's so much dirt around the notches of the wheel? which etailer did you use? nice pictures though, very very nice
  4. hi, i was wondering if this remote worked for the hd3. So far I know that the volume, play, pause and stop buttons work perfectly. What I want to know is: - does the backlight shine when you press a button - does it display something on the display or does the display stay empty?
  5. i fixed the problem of the hole by putting some silicone paste in it (the same silicone that my father uses in the bathroom for the bath and so) it works like a dream, but i can't put the write protect tab on anymore, but I don't mind that.
  6. bwerbrou

    Soaked Nh1

    if your md unit falls in the water, get it immediately out and REMOVE the battery at once. if it is salt ater (sea or polluted water) you should rinse it with destilled water, use liters of it and then let it dry for often more than a week in a dry warm place. normally it shoudl work again, but don't forget the most vital step REMOVE the battery at once!!!!!!!!! EDIT: whoops, seems that someone has already written this. sorry for the duplicate info
  7. in those two years I use MD, I have NEVER used the write portection tab ever, so I don't use this old-school-audio-cassette-era-like-write-protection-hole anyway
  8. think i will fill it with some epoxy in stead of the tape. but while wiaitng for some epoxy, i'll use the tape method
  9. it seems the HIMD discs are glued together at only one side. I did another transplant yesterday and now I didn't trash the HIMD casing, just be careful enough and try to do it when you have enough time. Stick a small knife in one of the sidesholes and use it as a lever. Free the three sides first and then you have to use force to break the glued part. Open the disc as like you are opening a book. I was a bit impatient with the first disc and used almost a brute force attack and so I broke one shell. but i glued that one together and it seems to work. btw,, the gloaves were only for the show since they were indeed powdered. i took them immeditaley off since i didn't want any dust on the discs. btw2,, seems like i forgot the hole issue at the back of the disc. i will first try some read/write tests to see if the whole write protection issue is a problem YES: THE DISC IS INDEED WRITE PROTECTED. ( @ myself) stay calm, doc, we need an IV line with saline here, adrenaline 1 mg analyzing rhytm, everybody clear????, shock..... tuuuuuuuuuut ..... we're not giving up on you MD! (to be continued)
  10. since sony doesn't plan to release coulorful himd discs in the near future in europe, here's my MD transplantion. Enjoy it while watching, but please respect the aseptic conditions. the equipment you need: latex gloves, sterile equip like bistouri, kocher, cissors, cutter, cotton, syringe, screwdriver, glue and two MDs! first put on the gloves, for hygienic reasons,; you never know if the patient is seropositive (even though i'm vaccinated for hepatitis work in aspectic conditions. you can use a solution of chlorhexidine 5% anesthesy, you don't want the disc to suffer during the operation. heavy boys do it without. you can use xylocain with adrenaline use the knife to open the shutter and pull the shutter off very gently. don't break it! done!!! first difficult step of the operation... open the disc with a knife with a very thin blade or use a screwdriver as a handle. but be careful. The MD disc was piece of cake to open (click click click and it was open). The HiMD disc seems to be glued together. The body was damaged during the operation. But don't think I will need that Himd coat ever again so... be careful that you don't loose any pieces, but think this is very obvious why... the two discs after the transplantation. try not to take out the discs by hand, transfer them by putting one part of the MD disc shell to the HiMD shell and flip it. that way, you don't need to move it by hand (fingerprints!!!! :eek: ) glue everything together, but beware to let the disc dry for one night before you put it in your MD player/recorder! ione lucky patient (the acceptor thanks his HiMD donor!)! without flash, hopefully healthy, if there's rejection i will see tomorrow when i play the disc, but there were no complications during the operation the family visits the patient in hospital. thank you Doctor bwerbrou for saving my life!
  11. maybe the menu mode is set to simple in stead of advanced?
  12. that's very cheap several units were sold (and are still being sold), most of them even below 160 euros. cheapoooooooooo! it has an internal battery which is rechargeable. it's a lithium-ion with maximum 17 hours of playback (which is rather low compared to other units)
  13. well, i got my mz-nh1 from sonystyle belgium on ebay for 171 euros.
  14. the poor constrcution was what bothered me the most of the sony eggo d22. that and also the 2 cord. I sold them after a few months because i thought they were not that good after all. In stead I now own a ATH-FC7! Didn't regret it yet (and don't think i will ever regret it)
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