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  1. Say, a couple of years ago, Sony was putting out high-end Vaio desktop PCs which had MDLP minidisc decks in them. Does anyone know of anyone successfully getting one out of a Vaio and into a regular PC? Anybody know what kind of connector those used to get them into the system? Thanks, Z? P.S. Anyone have one of those computers who'd be willing to crack the case and figure out how to do it?
  2. The thing is, that with Hi-MD and now the ability to handle MP3s natively, I just don't see why it isn't high time Sony finally gets other manufacturers in on it and kick some Apple ass! With sales of MP3 players being what they are, the market has possibly never been more primed for an all-out MD assault. I've long said one of the biggest reasons that MD never took off in the States is because Sony didn't market it correctly from Day 1. There's one reason alone that the iPod is friggin' everywhere, and that's Apple's hyper-aggressive marketing campaign with celebrities and the whole works. Now that there's a marketing model in place for this type of gear, Sony (and the rest of us) just have to convince the brain-dead public that Hi-MD is a valid competitor and that you don't need to be some audiophile techie geek to understand how to use MD in general. We all have stories of turning other people on to MD and if that cycle would just repeat over and over, along with some help from Sony's deep-pocketed marketing department, we'd be off and rollin'. It's just sad that 10 years now since I got my first MD rig, it's still a largely misunderstood, underappreciated format. I know it's extremely naive, but everybody tell a friend, and tell them to tell their friends, and then have them tell some big-wig Sony execs!! Long live MD!!
  3. It was stated that the recording level could be tweaked during recording without having to pause, which is really cool. My question is, can the recording levels be changed on-the-fly only when using the Mic input or could it also be done while using the Line input and a mic/battery module? Also, can recording be started from the remote and is there a VU (level) meter on the remote to monitor whether the recording is too loud? Is the remote backlit? ( looking for stealth features here ;-)> ) Thanks, Z?
  4. Does anyone own one of these units yet? I'm shopping for the ultimate stealth live recorder. I want something that I can plug a mic into or use the Line input with a battery box or mic pre-amp. I really want to be able to record, monitor recording (VU Meter) levels, and change recording levels on-the-fly from the (backlit) remote. Also, if it is possible to change the recording level on-the-fly (no pausing required), is that only via Mic In recordings, or can it be done with the Line In jack, as well? Can this unit do all of that? Thanks in advance Z? P.S. If anyone owns a different unit (like the DR80?) that can do all of the above listed things, please let me know that, as well.
  5. OK....crisis averted. I got it back. I knew all I'd have to do was post a 'help' message and then I'd figure it out on my own. I just pressed the Menu button with the player open after it had powered off and I got my Menu funcion back. Weird, but good to know, I guess. Thanks anyways!
  6. The other day I noticed that I cannot access the menu in the AM-HX400 walkman anymore. Now, when I push the Menu button (center button on the remote) it just changes the Play Mode (repeat, repeat1, random, normal). Anyone ever experience this with this model? I've already tried leaving the batteries out for quite a while and disconnecting the remote, but that did nothing to help. Is there a Service Mode or some kind of a reset? Any help is vastly appreciated.
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