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  1. hey, if I use a new RH1 to record in .wav format, how easy is it to transfer that data to a PC? do I still have to use sonicstage, or can I just copy them over thru the operating system? thx!
  2. wow, finally they are manufacturing a decent concept in portable recording...I was looking at the marantz version of this a few months ago, but it's much larger & more expensive. I already have CF camera cards, and the USB interface of this is perfect. MD would be great if sony fixed sonicstage & made it as easy & straightforward as this. plus m-audio make killer soundcards etc, I have no doubt this is a quality product. I'm looking at where to buy one now....
  3. I'm in the same situation, I don't want to invest any $$ in a gamble with Sony's funky garbage....if they hadn't implemented this anti-piracyu stuff I'd buy one. but having to jump thru hoops to transfer live recordings is a complete joke I'll check out those other brands, thx for the info!!
  4. thx! -->funny, I was wondering about that today: I just bought a 1 gig ram card for my camera & was thinking " now why doesn't someone make a recorder that works with these??? " no moving parts etc. 90 mins is fine by me, can always swap discs out....however, I hear the Sony's don't remember the record settings & you have to manually reset everything each time?
  5. if skyther is still around, what would you suggest for pcm or lossless recording in a portable unit? you seem to know your stuff...I'm not interested in mp3's etc, more like "accurate & best quality recording I can get" been digging through the forums, but there is so much mp3/headphone focus it's too time consuming thx
  6. hey, if I end up buying a HIMD player it'll *only* be because someone came up with a way to convert HIMD format to .wav files Sony should have done this in the 1st place I'll donate for sure.
  7. I've been wanting to pick up a MD recorder ( I want to record uncompressed/hi quality live music/jams & be able to burn CD's ) for a while, but waited to see what Sony came out with: looks like Sony is going to be a pain in the ass to use ( proprietary CD-hostile format ) for what I want, although the storage capability looks ok Sharp made some killer units in the past, are they planning a Hi-MD recorder soon as well? ( right now I'm actually leaning towards a nomad jukebox 3, but i have no idea what Sharp are up to ) thx!!
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