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  1. I just had it set to Loud Music thinking it would do a great job - I was very wrong. I haven't gotten around to figuring out manual adjustments yet and it's not easy to be messing with menu options at a concert.
  2. If you just got your MZNH1 like me and want to tape a live concert, beware of using the 'Loud Music' pre-set... It bites. I set it to record on PCM, Hi-MD mode (loud music) to get the best possible sound and it is so distorted, it's painful to listen to. I taped a lot of live concerts with my MZN1 and MZR55 and got way better quality on the low mic sensitivity. I used a pretty good mic and should have gotten a great result but am exceptionally dissapointed. Any advice for settings for hard-rock concerts? Keep in mind it must be set before hand to be discreet. Thanks.... Johnny K www.sticktotheright.com
  3. Thanks, With my MZN1 I used to transfer via NETMD in SP and play it on anything, with the MZN10 - is it not possible via USB? I appreciate the quick responses. Johnny K
  4. Thanks, The thing is my six stack only plays SP and mono MDs, not LP2/4. Will the MZNH1 record in mono or regular SP for compatibility with this older equipment?
  5. Hi, I've got a busted MZN1 and have been waiting 7 months for my MZNH1. Now I'm concerned because I have a MZR55, a Sony MD Component Player for my home stereo and a Sony MD Six Stack in my car and want to be sure I can still use all my old equipment. I'm wondering, can I still record my music onto a regular MD via a MZNH1 and play it on all my old players? I realize I can't play HI-MD discs on the old players but I'm concerned just using the regular ones. I've tried looking this up online and there's so many different types the MZNH1 records in that I'm not sure which one I need (and knowing Sony I'll be screwed). I am a musician so I was wanting the uploading feature to burn demo cds via the MZNH1 but as this is impossible I'm wondering if I'm better off buying a MZN10? Thanks a bunch, I appreciate it. Johnny K www.sticktotheright.com
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