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  1. Hi I live in the uk and am having trouble locating suppliers of new blank mini-discs (regular). Can anyone recomend stores that sell them in the uk or online stores that do mail order for bulk buying Thanks
  2. Hi I've had a problem with a few tapings of late that the right channel does not record I'm using binaurals, 9v batt box to line in i've traced the problem to the line in (at first I assumed the right microphone may have disconnected but is fine). once you move the line in it goes back to stereo. Does anyone know what the actual problem would be I'm thinking a/ a damaged (or dirty) stereo lead that connects to the line in b/ dirt in the line in (how best to clean if so?) c/ damaged line in any advice would be welcome Thanks
  3. Hi I've had both these problems 1/ i use a program called Magix, it has a stereo feature where you can move the mono part into left/right speaker's (not stereo though), its best to tackle the mono part on its own as a small wav 2/ I use electrical tape cut a few bits off leave it on the recorder when your ready to go plug in and then put the tape over the jack/mini disc recorder i use 2 bits-has not come lose since
  4. I've bought 3 items from Church Audio in the past all via e-bay all are well made and sent in good time.
  5. I use a simple show number then a/b/c etc for the seperate discs relating to that show for instance 1 a & b I then have a spreadsheet with all the more detailed information such as artist location recording information etc, best to keep it as simple as possible
  6. thanks for the reply's you guys are spot on as ever
  7. Hi does anyone on the board know of any company that sells a regular 3.5mm male to male lead, but with a very short cable?. I got a friend to make one for me, but it came lose so am back using a 1.5 metre cable . Its to connect my battery box to the line in. I velcro the battery box to the back of the unit, so the lead does not have to be very long at all thnaks
  8. Thanks for the offer, but I've got great results with the mic on auto high level setting. Although a lapel mic is better, the stealth element of not having to hiding it when security walk pass far out ways the slighty less better recording. I did think about the asking for a pen line (as it's on show you can't say i've no pen!), so I carry a spare one on me as well-but have not been asked so far (probably will be asked when I forgot the spare pen!)
  9. works well as a pre amp as well -- when uploading to the PC.
  10. Thanks dez otaku, I thought that might be the case, just need to have it confirmed.
  11. Hi Need you advice again guy's, im stealthing at a few comedy shows next week from the front row, I just wondered, if I got called up onstage would my mic cause problems with the house pa/ actor's mic's at all? the actual mic im using is a church adio pen mic so the actual mic is not a problem thanks
  12. Hi I'm looking for some advice. I'm currently using line-in to the 9v batt box & and am happy with the results (no overloads). The recordings are clear but quiet, but this can be improved once uploaded. I like to have a backup of everything for when the 1st one breaks. Is it worth spending the extra cash on a pre amp, or do you suffer from overload problems as when you go through the mini disc mic input? Thanks
  13. thanks for the help as ever A440, the mic in qusetion is this one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SILVER-LAPTOP-OR-THI...1QQcmdZViewItem it has the same capsule as the headphone mic It's a great mic that I carry with the mini disc recorder in case of damage to the main mic
  14. Would it be the way they are built then that makes them better in loud situations?. For instance I have a capsule mic (which is made by the same e-bay seller) that I carry with me and sometimes a regular lapel mic or another mic with a 20-20,000hz range, overloads and when I use the capsule mic it tends not too, the only difference is a slight dullness to the recording, but less bass
  15. I've bought a pair from this ebay seller http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/STEREO-BINAURAL-MD-D...1QQcmdZViewItem I've bought a few mics from him and they are all good only problem is the frequence range is 20-16,000hz, but I've found this to be of benefit in loud situations
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