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  1. Hi. Does anyone know where I can get jsut a bunch of extra mic foam covers? One of 2 was M.I.A. in the UK during a live recording
  2. Yeah :whatever: I know. I jsut thought there might be a specific extractor. I use Goldwave. I do alot of editing and converting as it is. Thanks for the help everyone. :smile:
  3. Oh. Thats it? That's what I use to convert/audio edit anyways. Damn. Alright. Thanks-
  4. Ok, well, can someone tell me about this soundcard I can use to DL? Because I don't want to re-record in real time onto my computer etc.
  5. please explain this more to me..... :wink:
  6. Hi. I have a MZ 810. I try to extract the recorded files from my MD -> HDD, but at the very end it tells me "check in failed" what do I do???? PLEASE help. Regards, Lenny P.s. If you could, please email or IM me aol: darkmusical aim:riffraffraver23
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