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  1. a bit longer than they said it would be but my NH900 arrived this morning from empiredirect.co.uk... also the Sony shop in Coventry has one for £250. I know because i went looking for more discs, but of course they didn't have any (6 to 8 weeks was their guess) it seems a bit flimsy, i'm sure it won't be too long before i dent and scratch it (they didn't ask which colour i wanted so i got a silver one), disappointed there's not a proper belt pouch either, like i got with my MZN710 before I lost it, just a crappy felt bag haven't a clue about sound quality yet because i'm busy charging it up and downloading sonic stage 2.1 but probably won't be bad for £50 excess on an insurance claim as an upgrade on my 710... now if only i can find my 710 as well.... :rasp:
  2. having stupidly lost my MZ N710 (someone in Coventry got very lucky!) my insurance company have said they're sending me an MZ-NH900 as a direct replacement and it should arrive in 10 days, fair enough. But looking at online stores I can't see the release date for this model anywhere (amazon lists it as March 04 but doesn't have any), it doesn't seem to be included in the first wave of Hi-MDs hitting the UK in August. Does anyone know anything about the worldwide/UK availability of this? Is there a SONY release schedule somewhere?
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