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  1. The currently available BRAVIA Z series ethernet port allows for viewing photos using a DLNA network. So you could stream photos from your computer directly to the TV. The upcoming XBR9 and Z series will allow photos, music, and video streaming. There will also be BRAVIA Internet Video and Internet Widgets functionality built in.
  2. Thank you for the review, I would be interested in photos. Sony has seemed to neglect the Walkmans with accessories lately. I hope this will soon be changing.
  3. chevysony


    According to http://musicstore.connect.com/ the servers will still be running "through the end of 2008." I see there is also a link to download SonicStage on that page.
  4. I'm using it, I like it a lot except for the fact that some websites are not working correctly or at all. I'm having to keep another browser on my computer for now as backup.
  5. That's a cool dock. Looks like it's another Sony product that's only available in Japan. I did a quick search and it looks like you can actually buy it there. (Not that that's helpful)
  6. I'm concerned about how much this would affect battery life. As long as I can turn it completely off, I guess it's ok. Personally, I'm more interested in features that would make these practical for use with textbooks/research, such as the ability to search for keywords, go directly to the pages that contain them, the ability to highlight text, etc.
  7. From watching the IFA press conference, I would say it's very likely the next version of the Sony Reader will be network enabled. I know this was already rumored, but seems even more obvious now.
  8. I would guess it will be similar to the PSP Media Manager: "The software automatically converts your files to high-quality Sony AVC/AAC video for optimized viewing on your PSP® system." http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/produc...uct.asp?PID=423
  9. here is a picture of it and more info http://www.sony-asia.com/subtype/usefulinf...site=hp_en_AP_i
  10. Yes, DRM'ed ATRAC works with PS3. However, using the "Remote Play" feature to stream audio to my PSP does not work with my DRM'ed ATRAC files.
  11. Yes, I have XP SP2 and SS CP 4.0 and just installed IE7. SonicStage CP is still working fine for me.
  12. I think dvr-ms is the file format used by Windows Media Center when you record.
  13. Good photos, that's what I was wanting to see, the size compared to a remote.
  14. The game I currently play the most is Virtua Tennis: World Tour. I think it's really good for when you don't have very long to play. I also love Twisted Metal: Head-On (infrastructure) and X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (solo and co-op with a friend). I've thoroughly enjoyed playing my demo disc and beta disc of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. I'm looking forward to buying this when it comes out. I also like the demo disc of Daxter, a very good platformer with some interesting extra modes. Oh yeah, WipEout Pure is awesome too, like others have already said... Other PSP games I have and like: Namco Museum Battle Collection Pinball Hall of Fame... I'm not a pinball expert, but I think it's a fun game Star Wars: Battlefront II... it's ok, except I was disappointed with the limited co-op modes How is Exit? I thought it looked really cool, but then IGN's review was disappointing.
  15. Here's a comparison table of Connect Player 1.0 to SonicStage 3.3. http://support.sony-europe.com/DNA/hotnews...n&f=ConSon_comp
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