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  1. what sonic stage really needs now is the ability to read ape/Flac files. with all these formats we have at the moment i am finding my self storing a cd in wav format then doing a fresh conversion each time, as opposed to keep 4 copies of the cd at different bitrates each time. we will not have flac support on the MD as it will be to difficult to porccess for the `simple` atrac chips, but sonic stage needs the option to store files in loss less encoding.
  2. do the flash players accept the new bit rates?
  3. does the little sony flash memory players support the new bit rates?
  4. the whole reason why mp3 has become so huge is that it is not drm`ed so people can upload and download and pass around as they want; and that is the key. mp3 as a technology allows them to do this, it`s the technology that allows them to do what they previously could not. had ogg have been there first, then ogg would have become the dominat standard ( which is should, it`s the best codec out there ) and mp3 would be in ogg`s place. since mp3 is the dominat force sony was stupid to only allow atrac on it`s early players. even if some one WANTED to buy a sony device they would not as sony forced them to use a rubbish DRM locked format that actually treated them like a tagged crimnal ( only allowed out to certian places, not allowed to see certian people etc ). now FINALLY we are getting to a place where some one who WANTS ( and i keep saying that as this is not a casual buyer i`m describing here, this is sone one who searches for a sony device to play music on ) to buy sony can use an mp3-like enabling technology to allow them to do what they want to. hopefully now atrac will be come a force again and sony customers can buy a sony device knowing theya re getting something better or equal to the other devices out there.
  5. my 780 is not finding the drivers. i`ve told it to search in the folder i downlaoded from here but it still will not find the drivers....
  6. is there any wher eic an buy the headphone adapter? is it not included with certian units? i have bought a unit and the seller claims it was never int he box
  7. tha`ts where i found it. i have an n600 and i don`t like it`s size or down right uglyness. i love player only units esp. small ones, like my belovid e10. so would i be right in thinking that this would be the e10 version of the hi-md world? how come the browser has no info on it?
  8. Sony MZ-EH930 Type-S Hi-MD MiniDisc Player quite simply, what is it? this like a hi-md playing similar style to the e10? is it much bigger? it`s not listed on the equipemtn browser and i cannot find any info on it any where.
  9. sounds like an idea! what about this rmeote tho http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...5786635061&rd=1 the seller lists it as being MZ-E10 compatable. that correct?
  10. is there a difference between the usa and jap plugs?
  11. i recentl slammed my remote for the lovely E10 in a car doors, meaning it`s pretty much knackered. any one any ideas where ic an pick up a replacement? or even the convertor for the headphone jack to a normal 3.5 mm jack?
  12. PaulV

    Blank Md

    i am in the uk
  13. PaulV

    Blank Md

    does an yone know a good blank import MD supplier? i fancy some neige, bit clubs and such. all the really nice looking ones. some one must have some some where. minidisco charges 60 dollars for shipping! searched ebay too with no luck
  14. PaulV

    Dvd To Minidisc

    i have the europian version with the optical in jack. yes i am going to put an ORDINARY music cd in the dvd player to record to minidisc.
  15. PaulV

    Dvd To Minidisc

    if i was to buy a DVD player with an optical output, could i hook my minidisc upto it and record from it? for exmaple, if i bought an ordinary DVD player with an optical output, connected my Nh600/JE480 via an optical cable and inserted a music cd, would the minidisc be able to record digital audio? it works with my PS2`s optical output, but i am wondering about the DVD players output.
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