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  1. SOLD The taxman was unkind to me this year, so I'm forced to sell . . . MZ-NH3D (blue magnesium), Japanese model (English and Kanji display but works fine with US Sonicstage), RM-ML40ELK remote, headphones, blue cradle, long and short connectors, original manuals and box. You can find the model discriptions on this site. All perfect except for one small scratch on the front. Sounds great!! Also included are 10 1gb Hi-MD discs. Shipping included to the US. Paid over $425 3 months ago. Selling everything for $275.
  2. I own mz-nh3d and an hd3. you may want to wait until the next gen sony hdds. the hd3 is nice but it has an annoying background hissing with sensitive headphones and the album selection interface really sucks if you listen to any mix cds, soundtracks, or dj'd electronica. i was going to sell my hi-md, but i'm keeping it for the better sound quality and ease of use. maybe they'll fix the problems with the hd3 next time around. and, i'd guess, 130-140 pounds is probably the best you'll get for your unit.
  3. Maybe somebody knows the answer to this . . . I have all of my music in Sonicstage recorded to ATRAC3plus HI-SP. If I want to record it to my HI-MD on ATRAC3 132, will it resample the HI-SP file? In other words . . . will i get worse quality by converting HI-SP to ATRAC3 132 than if I rerecord from CD directly to ATRAC3 132 in Sonicstage and then transfer it to my HI-MD. Thanks for your help.
  4. I'm having the same problem. How did you deinstall the windows update?
  5. Hi SoftMusictoMyEars, I'm the guy who wrote the original post and I've been listening to my NH1 a lot more. I didn't mean to imply that it sounded bad. It just sounded a little more hmm, I guess the best word is metallic, than I'm used to since I usually listen to uncompressed music on good equipment. Despite everybody's claims that HI-SP 256 is nearly identical to CD, I really think there is a noticable difference. The issues I had are the same and a lot more noticable at lower bit rates. The original recording and type of music appear to make a big difference. Some CDs convert really well and sound very close to the original, while some don't work so well - its hard to tell what will convert well until its taken into sonicstage. The EQ can usually compensate for it, but I have to adjust it depending on what I'm listening to. In general, techno and dance work really well, but music with higher vocals sometimes sound tinny whereas uncompressed they sound a lot smoother. I noticed the same effect while listening to my friend's netmd 510.
  6. deafplayer, without eq, hi-sp songs running through soundstage on my pc (a vaio frv37 with a what I assume is a low-quality soundcard) sound worse than the nh1, but the original CDs on the pc don't sound much better so i don't want to use the computer as a reference.
  7. so, you believe the problem is with the amp (even though my old portable cd was a sony) and not the codec? do you think a sharp hi-md or the new sony hdd would be any better?
  8. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the help. Now I can have more fun playing with my new toy.
  9. I've been using HI-SP 256 and have spent a lot of time on the equalizer. It probably is better than mp3 256 - i just don't have any experience with compressed music.
  10. A friend visited Japan and brought it back for me. damn kanji menus . . . i hope i figure this out . . .
  11. I have one as well. How do you change the default language to English?
  12. Hi - I've got a question for you since you all have a lot more experience with minidisc than I do. I recently bought an nh1. Its my first MD and first digital music player. Before that, I was using a sony d-ej01 (a good quality portable CD from about 4 years ago) with a pair of E3c earphones. It sounds great. Smooth and balanced. I was expecting the nh1 to sound as good or better(because of the eq), but it sounds a lot worse even after I play with all the sound settings. The upper midrange can be squeeky, highs are tinny and can hurt my ears unless they're turned down a lot, and the bass gets cut off. This is true for nearly every kind of music - although I notice a big difference in different production qualities. I notice the differences less when using cheaper earphones, but I don't want to do that. All my music comes from the original CD and was transferred in Hi-SP, so it should sound good. So - my question is this, Why is the sound quality so poor?: Is it HI-MD or the NH1 (would a Sharp be better)? MD in general? ATRAC? Or is this just what all compressed music sounds like? Would I still have the same problems with an HDD? BTW I really like everything else about the NH1. Small, sturdy, boots up fast. The menus are okay but could use some improvements for 2nd gen (my buddy brought it back from Japan so the language is slowing me down a little). Thanks for your help. I don't want to go back to my CD player and don't want a HDD, but if it sounds better, I'll switch to it.
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