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  1. i had some sony ones that i liked that cost $20, but i stepped on them. so now i need some new ones. what do you suggest?
  2. i have a MZNH600D, im doubtful there is another way to convert, but is there any other way to organize the files on the MD. for example, i have songs by Queens of the Stone Age on my MD. but when i sort by artist there is Queens of the Stone Age queens of the stone age Queens Of The Stone Age is there a way to rename the artists all at once, or do i have to do it individually? thanks
  3. no, the shipping is around 5 or 6 dollars. it doesnt go up much for additional ones.
  4. so do people just not know that you can get them from sony.com?
  5. you can buy them on sony's website for $7. but on ebay i saw one going for around $20. whats the deal?
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