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  1. I'm in Massachusetts. I've been looking online for the 900 and I have found it for about $250. That's only 50 more than what I paid for the 600. Not bad. So the 900 is the one I should get? Does it have a tuner or do I have to go with the 800 instead? Also, dumb question here: can I record the tuner's audio onto a disk? thanks, rscaramelo
  2. I made some quick rounds this morning and all I could find was the MZ-NH600D. I bought it but didn't take it out of the package yet. I think I really want a MZ-NHF800 because of the tuner. I've read that the tuner is mediocre but I most listen to talk radio so that isn't a big concern. Any opinions on these 2 units? The tuner portion of the unit is in the unit and not the the remote? rscaramelo
  3. I've put the Pod on Ebay. I think I going to go get a mz-nh900 or the 800. Those are pretty good right? I want to get a hi-MD. rscaramelo
  4. Hello everyone. I am considering putting my 20g IPod for sale on Ebay to buy a Sony hi-MD, maybe the MZ-NHF800. Can you convince me to do so? If I were to rate my IPod experience, I would give it a 6 out of 10. It contains my entire music collection, all 12g worth, and that is cool. However, I'd like to use mainstream batteries (AAA, AA) and I can't stand the "buttons". My collection is all legal, I don't do file sharing. I buy music from sites like Walmart and ITunes or I just buy the actual cd. I would like to have a tuner too. Any help would be great. Anybody want to trade? thanks, rscaramelo
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