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  1. Go the Aussies... has been a long time coming! Apparently they are staying at this huge mansion in Germany... owned by like 1 of the richest Germans or something.. and who also happens to be the countries best chief.... So the Aussies have it pretty good in their accomodation!
  2. My new set-up... http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j243/asa.../CIMG5276-e.jpg nothing too special - yet I love having 2 screens... once you have 2, there is no way you can go back to 1... there is just so much more you can do with your pc. Love it
  3. Took about 10 secs the 1st time, and then about 3-4 secs the 2nd time... AMD X2 3800+ 1GB Ram 300GB HDD 7800GT Extreme GFX
  4. Just bought myself a new custom built PC :D:D Extrememly excited! Went out today and bought the new Logitech Cordless G7 Mouse, as well as an awesome Logitech Keyboard! Will post pics when I get the PC later this week
  5. That's pretty awesome mate! Saw Mr and Mrs Smith, Ray (was FANTASTIC!!! went out and bought 2 of his CD's!), and Undervorld - Evolution (i think that's its name - the sequel to Underworld) wasn't very good though. Was very slow, but the action scenes were very good!
  6. I use Trend Micro Internet Security on 5 PC's and it is fantastic! Its scans are quick and very effective and has numerous tools to help all users. Trend Micro I recon is the best AV program though many say NOD32 is just as good. Trend Micro also comes with a Firewall, but I wouldn't count on it letting no-one through... I have a D-Link router set up, so use that hardware firewall as the main firewall as well... ZoneAlarm I have used as well for a couple of years, and that was alwasy really really good. Many mates have Norton, and to be honest, I personally think it is the shitest software ever. My mates have so uch trouble with it, they often ring me up to give them advice on how to open ports for MSN etc... waste of everyone's time i recon! Also use Ad-Aware and Spybot Seach and Destroy to fix all my spyware problems!
  7. What about the weather in Russia at the moment!!! -30 degrees outside! and I think I read that like 30 people had died because of the freezing weather! That is insane! Would love to go to Russia though for many reasons!
  8. I have just been given a Samsung SyncMaster 152x 15" LCD monitor from the people I have been working for for 2 days. They had 3 LCD monitors (which came with the location) lying round their new business location, so said I could have 1, so I just took that one! Now I have dual monitors going and it is awesome! Very clear picture quality as well!
  9. This is said to be the new "Heff" Phenominum... Chuck Norris doesn't excite me though...
  10. I would LOVE to get a PDA!! :'( but unfortunately they are a little too expensive for me at the moment. The 02's I recon look the best! My dad has had 3 PDA's, and they are mad, especially when you have a wireless network, and your PDA has wireless, you can just walk round the whole house on the network and the net! Not fair!
  11. Ahahah. Well I was lucky enough to be overseas in Paris (Snowing every day) over new years, while back in Sydney they had the hottest recorded temperature or something - 45 degrees celcius!!!! Right now though in Sydney the weather has been extremely random. Cloudy, looks like rain, sunny. Yesterday the high was 29, and at 8pm, it was 28! Right now though, at 10:21 am it is 27 degrees celcius, and aparently we are going to have thunder storms (thanks to my Samurize BOM Weather program ), but it don't look like that right now. One of our largest department stores said that over the Christmas/New year time period, they ran out of every air conditioner unit they had, all they had left was window display units left!
  12. Sorry for the hassel guys! I know I had at least had 3000 posts... doesn't really bother me though, but I was just curious... :S maybe i passed 500? (Just realised I passed 500, not 5000!) :S I origionally thought my post count was the membership no. :S, but I am pretty sure the post count is next to the users name at the top of the users post! my bad! Getting use to the new skin Looks great though Chris!
  13. Now I look like an idiot I am using the "Refault" skin... after reading what akijikan said... i looked up, and saw this..."MZ-NH1 (681)" is that my post count?? I use to have like 5,000 posts?? then on the right it has this - Post #419 for u Adrian... :S Is the - MZ-NH1 (681) the post count? and did the post count get reset or something? And after posting this... it has gone up to 682... so i am guessing that yes that is my post count.. but it must have been reset about 3-4mths ago?
  14. Just wondering Chris, is the 'post count' (says how many post each user has written) going to return?
  15. MZ-NH1

    Google Earth

    You cannot get a 'live' update in Google Earth, because for that to happen, a satellite would most prob have to be hovering right above you place to get the pics, and just imagine how many other people would be wanting to get a picture of their place in a different location! The images were taken I think 2-3 years ago, but the latest download, which I think come out pretty recently, has updated pictures, and higher resolution pics for certain areas. Hope that helps mate.
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