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  1. guys i read some other guys problems with distorted tracks ... not sure if its same problem with me ... im kinda lost as what to do with this problem. this is my situation ... i recently installed xp sp2 and sonicstage 2.3 and recorded with my md and everything was fine ... today i wanted to do some more recording and realised that the new stuff that i recorded play back sounded as if there was a dj scratching in the background with a few warps now and then. please advise as what to do ... thnx
  2. recently when i recorded with my md unit ... the mznh900 ... i got the sonicstage 2.3 ... when i started playback the audio sounds scratched (kinda like a dj scratch) any u guys know how to resolve this issue or any suggestions? thnx .... oops realised i posted in wrong part of forums ... mods can u delete it pls
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    I hate having to go into my pocket or my bag all the time so i i have my unit in my pocket and remote somewhere tagged on for quick access
  4. hey guys i been lookin over the past threads for a problem similar to mine but didnt find any ... but i have a problem ... when i try to transfer tracks to my md unit the system lags extremely, i know its not with my md unit when i select make an atrac cd it also lags badly when converting ... any ideas? i just upgraded to 2.3 and same problem thx
  5. hey guys wasnt sure where to post this thread ... so i figured i do it here so the traffic passes here alot ... i was lookin to buy a winter/snowboarding jacket online this morning and i stumbled over an jacket that supports the ipod with remote and everything http://www.ipodlounge.com/gearguide_specs_...id=1916_0_5_0_M then i found a clone of it for minidisc units but only 100 were made ... so i was wondering if any u guys know of any other jacket that have remotes in them or be able to support minidisc well this is the link to the md jacket http://www.minidisc.org/part_Burton_Analog...ing_Jacket.html
  6. i just got my pair of earplugs in today the ex 71's but my only prob ... well i kinda got a few gripes about it ... dont get me wrong the earphones when put into ur ear they are incredibly snug its like they just fall in ... but my first prob is the mids of the audio its kinda low/distorted also the volume isnt as loud as other headphones/plugs i tried and im sure that it is the earplugs cuz my radio shack earplugs plays almost perfect just that the getting used to (more like learing how to make those earplugs fit into ur ear took a while) another thing is that the cord in my opinion is either 8 inches short without the extension or insanely long with the extension with the remote for my nh 900, i dunno i guess i gotta get used to it but id prefer if the mids and the volume were better but guys honestly im not a radio shack rep but they got these earplugs and i swear to u they are one of the best i ever had and 20 dollars u cant go wrong bass = nice clear and extremely audible and mids and low to compliment the bass so its an awesome earplug ... just that the cord isnt detachable ... so its either one long cord with no remote or a tied up cord and remote ;; this is a link to them ]http://www.radioshack.com/product.asp?cata...33%2D1167
  7. amazon.com got the MDR-EX71SL for 32 dollars free shipping!!!! i just ordered my own should recieve em in like 5 days here
  8. yea its around same price at bh also but since im in ny didint have to pay for shipping ... took train and got there in 30 mins but when i went to etronics they were sold out also T_T
  9. oh ty guys ... ill look into the eggos ones
  10. hmm id say my budget would be to 100 dollars ... anything higher i may as well buy a ps2 or soemthing
  11. one of my gripes of he 900 is the low volume ... well not loud enough .. compared to my mzn707 the volume is no where near the level of my previous unit ... or it could be im going deaf :wink: ... i use those silver 16 dollar sony ear plugs ... u guys recommend anything else?
  12. for all of u guys out there browing the forums annonymously and considering purchasing the unit if u in the NY area bh has them for a reasonable price of 270 with tax http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...list&sku=315209 or check here for some deals http://www.nextag.com/SONY_Hi_MD_Walkman~6..._900zmainz2-htm ... and no im nto a sony sales man nor a bh or nextag guy ... just someone lookin out for fellow md fans
  13. omg i wanted the black one but no where had it ... and the sony store in manhattan gave me some nonsense excuse so i settled for the silver one which i got for the nifty price of 260 with tax and everything but to me imo after a week or so with my 900 the stock battery life of the unit with the remote on is pretty durable ... no complaints here
  14. ah i see... so basically its better off on auto ... i too was also thinking of the watches with their battery power but i wasnt too sure of how much it would drain ... and yea the remote can be a possible conversation starter as stated above :laugh: so i guess until my higher capacity stick battery arrives ill leave it on regular auto ... ty for the feedback
  15. hi guys first post ... to start off i was wondering with the new md's and their low batter power what option do u have ur remote backlight set to
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