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  1. Has anyone seen the 5-pack clear plastic cases separately?
  2. Well, I don't know if this helps, but the Ety er-6is sound FANTASTIC with the 800. I can't even turn the volume past 14 without blowing my ears out... where I had to go up to 28/30 to even hear properly with the crappy sony ones.
  3. Looks great! And man, has it come a long way from its dosprompt days!
  4. Hi Eponine, I'm a classical singer too, and did my master's audition recordings with an 800 and the 907 mic. It turned out great, but I've since discovered that there are better quality mics for the same price -- you just have to spend a little time looking around. When you upload your files from minidisc to your computer, you then need to transfer them to .wav files (with either the Sony WavConverter, or Marcnet's program) to get rid of the rights protection that Sony puts on the files -- then you can burn the files to CD. Good luck! Lindsay
  5. Reactive: As a university-trained musician, I've had to take multiple instrument courses... (I'm a singer first and foremost). The flute was what I played in high school, and I too wish that I had chosen something else... As soon as I started playing trumpet in university, I was hooked. But then I started clarinet, and forgot all about the trumpet. I think you should find an instrument that you love the sound of -- you won't practice flute if what you really love to listen to is tuba, for example... I've always loved the sound of the oboe, so I'd be more likely to enjoy listening to it while practicing scales, etc. I think the learning curve on clarinet/trumpet is quite quick -- you can make decent sounds quite soon, whereas string insturments take a while before you sound like you're not skinning cats. But if I had to do it all over again? I'd pick cello.
  6. I am a classical singer, and have the 800... it is the same as the 700, but with the tuner remote. There is no lineout on the 700 or 800 - headphone out only... however, using USB to transfer, you don't need line out. -- You just need to transfer the files to .wav, in order to do whatever you want with them (editing, burning to CD). I actually used my 800 to do my audition CD for my master's voice performance, and I'm VERY happy with it! Sounds just as good (and sometimes better than) my classical CDs -- (Just make sure to get a good mic). Good luck!
  7. The 700 and 800 are the same model - the 800 IS available in Canada (I have one) and has a slightly blue-tint, where the 700 is just silver. Other than that, it's just the remote (which, as you know, is not backlit -- it's quite a uselessly set-up remote actually...)
  8. I have a stereo with optical out, and my minidisc has optical in. Currently, I transfer CDs from my laptop to my minidisc via Sonic Stage or simple burner. Would the sound be THAT much better if I used optical out from my stereo? Aren't I already transferring the sound digitally?
  9. Odd question... We have a set of old (but still great) speakers that have the speaker wire coming directly out of them (not detachable), but the wire is too short! Is it possible/safe to connect a second length of speaker wire to the ends?
  10. My 800 hung once on 'data save', but never on 'writing to file'. It was with a Hi-MD disk, (and right after I dropped the player)... I have had no problems since (over 6 weeks now) -- and I 'rebooted' the same way as you did.
  11. I've never lost anything transferring to my computer, but it can't hurt to "backup" first. There's a great explanation here: http://forums.minidisc.org/viewtopic.php?t=6329 Then at least you won't lose EVERYTHING...
  12. [quote name='"n0g0THEf0li0Nope. In my manual' date=' page 81 talks about using the Adapter and a dry battery and discusses the heat output from the AC adapter, but makes no mention of recharging. I should mention that I bought my 800 about two days after it came out. I wonder if this is an issue that has been corrected? Could you check your manual for the Synch related issue as well? -N-[/quote'] I got mine about two days after too. Mine's from here in Canada, maybe yours is a different version? The manual is the same as yours on the synch issue.
  13. I also have the 800, and my manual does mention using it as a recharger. I don't know if we have the same manual, but on page 81 it says: "On charging - Do not charge any other battery beside the supplied one or the one designated for it (NH-7WMAA) - Be sure to use the supplied AC power adaptor." - Charge the rechargeable battery at a temperature of +5 degrees C (+41 degrees F) to +35 degrees C (+95 degrees F) - The recorder may become hot during the charging procedure; this, however poses no danger." I have also used Panasonic rechargables (P-3GAVA), as recommended by my local audio-shop-guy, and they work just fine. In fact, I prefer them to the Sony battery, and they were about $15 CAD for two. Good luck!
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