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  1. Learned something by accident, broke down and bought a set of stero mics on ebay at a price I couldnt resist. So tried them on my Sharp which I have never been happy with the noise on the mic input and could not believe how nice the recording was. I am talking live recording . Before I had been using Mono mics with adapter to make them stero and boy was the sound lousy. I was looking for a used sony because you guys told me how good the mic inputs are but this week I was really surpised. They are the little sony stero mics.
  2. Been away for awhile but is Green still making stero Mics ??? Does anyone know how much and how to get to his web site . Thanks
  3. Is the mzr 50 the same as the mz50 and how much are you asking ???
  4. Sent photos you wanted , is that grey thing a mic ??? Don
  5. Nope probably wouldnt get along too much alike if its in my bio I am a big fan of old timey stuff and ballads but finding out I am not alone you are ahead of me you can play I just know a couple of chords but can fix
  6. I figured that , just like to tease what style acoustic is it , ????
  7. Are you tasting or playing forgot to ask what do you build ???
  8. We have to meet someday if possible, we have so much in common . My son plays backup for the South Dakota Old Time Fiddlers on guitar , bass and some mandolin and they found out Dad knows what the buttons are for and where the wires go on sound systems so years later here we are. I also do not play much but my hobby is restoring old instruments to make them sound good again if I say so myself I am not to bad at it . In fact picked up a old german fiddle today at a rummage sale best guess its from the 20's ??? looks like lots of potential !!!!!!!!! Now just got to get a minidisc keep getting out bid
  9. Any of you have young Violin players that need to move up to a better or larger instrument. This is my best one http://www.banjohangout.org/classifieds/detail.asp?cid=1677 do have some cheaper student one but if looking for quality this is hard to beat. My finances just keep getting smaller than my wants
  10. To answer the email I got, I have recorded with the sharp off a mixer through the line in for a couple of years and some of the best recordings and easy to edit I have ever seen. But was really unhappy when I tried to use the mic input in fact have not done it live still been trying to find a noise free way to do it but looks like there is not a way but line in is great .
  11. It looks like if I go sony I can get the best of both worlds mic or line in
  12. I was testing some of my basic mics just to see what they sounded like . I have enough adapters to make it stereo for testing. I found out with the headphones on I could listen to what is being recorded and in the process found lots of noise even before I hit record . Just holding the mic in my hand the smallest movement really had lots of noise. Heck it was noisy just laying there so thats why I got thinking of using the line in somehow for recording. I do not do stealth recording just jams and and stuff outside or indoors picking up some of the old songs so I can learn how they are supposed to be played. I really enjoy recording some of the older players that are doing some of the old mountain , blue grass or what we call old timey. I want to pick up a stereo mic for this sharp I have, mine are the ones I used with a mixer and power amps, not high end but decent for doing live sound etc at small concerts etc. Thanks to too many back operations I have sold the heavy stuff and do not do live sound anymore just now for my own enjoyment and going to some of the smaller out of the way music festivals where you run into some of the older players.
  13. Greenmachine is there a battery powered preamp ??
  14. If I understand this right the line in records cleaner than the mic in ??? And if I use a battery box this is enough power for the line in for recording on my sharp mdmt 15??? Thought I knew the route I was going to take but now not sure
  15. If I buy a mic with a battery in it I wouldn't need a battery box right ??
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