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  1. very disappointed by the review by Cnet of the MZ-DH10P, the guy says it has a 4x optical zoom, when it's digital zoom not optical. Seems like Cnet shouldn't make a mistake like this.
  2. i guess word gets around fast. Eventhough the MZ-RH10 hasn't officially been released in the US, people seem to have learned about it, probably because of it's uniqueness and the coolness factor. Props to Sony. Check it out: http://www.cnet.com/4520-6022_1-102397-1.html?tag=cnetfd.ld
  3. hey jadeclaw, my bad. i thought the DH10P had a mic in. According to: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-DH10.html it does but i guess it doesn't. Just checked the specs by kurisu, yea no mic in. Any release date for the RH10 in North America? Maybe March? or Maybe April?
  4. that's what i thought, but what did jadeclaw mean when he said: Doesn't the DH10 take pics and record from a mic in?
  5. The DH10P will be the ultimate device to take to concerts. Live Recording and Picture capability. The only obstacle: getting past security. But hey, if i could sneak the MZR37 through, i can certainly do the same with the DH10P
  6. i uploaded a song using my mz-37 with a ECM-719 mic. Not bad for a nearly 10 year old MD device. It's a live rock Incubus concert.
  7. can someone PM me the url for the installer? thanks.
  8. lkawamot: "IF SS decides to choke and kill the track, is the original on the disc still playable and, therefore, recordable in real-time via Total Recorder?" Yes, you can play the track through SS and record in real-time. But don't try to upload via SS anymore for that track, cuz if you do, it will fail again and it will delete the track off the disc. In other words it's 2 strikes and you're out. My peeps correct me if i'm wrong on this.
  9. Is there anything this thing can't do? I used my NH1 to make a little video about the everlasting feud between us and telemarketers. A big thanks to Marc's himdrenderer. I used the NH1 to record phone coversations as you will hear in the video. It makes things so much easier. my video: iplayball.com/videos/tele-busted.wmv
  10. So it's better to have the mic sensitivity on low and use the manual volume control to increase it to whatever level you want it at? Any other suggestions or thoughts?
  11. When recording a live "rock" concert in Hi-SP mode, I think the best recording setting to have the Hi-MD on is: MIC Sensitivity - High. And leave everything else the same. (This is the opposite to what the manual says when recording a concert). This is assuming you have a decent microphone so the music won't come out distorted. Please post your thoughts and possible experiences in a "loud" music environment with your Hi-MD. Thanks.
  12. It's pretty unlikely that sony will release an MD that will support native mp3 files. The reason why is because they already have their network mp3 players for that. At least Atrac3 lets us put on over 7 hours of music on the md. Even then, i guess if i had to choose, i would rather have the md support native mp3 files. It would be a lot faster and easier. But all in all i'm pretty happy with the hi-md. Some changes I'd like to see in SS would be correcting the trashing feature during upload. And i also dislike the fact that after you've uploaded the track to your pc whether it's successful or not it deletes the track of the md unit. I see no point in that what so ever.
  13. By default the oma file should be in: c:sonicstagehimd..... somewhere there, try it out and take a look. Hope u find 'em
  14. Sorry, i could've sworn my version of tmpgenc 2.5 plus didn't have that problem, after I did a 2nd test the silence kicked in after about a minute. I sure am glad Marc came out with his sweet software.
  15. Now that we know Marc's software and TmpgEnc can covert oma files into WAVs, which one is better? and which one should we use? First and foremost, I don't want to take anything away from Marc. I would like to thank him for all the time and effort he put into this wonderful software, and I think everyone else also appreciates what he has done. Now down to businees: Personally, I think Marc's software is a bit faster. However, when it comes down to consistency and efficiency I'm not sure which one is better. What do you guys think?
  16. Question?: When Transferring from the computer how is it possible to transfer a WAV(CD WAV rip) onto Hi-MD without having it get converted to Atrac3, sonicstage doesn't give that option. Is PCM recording only available when recording on the recorder?
  17. yea, i believe i saw a post that said it would work on 2.1 but not 2.0
  18. Thank You Marc! Time Saving Break Down a 10 minute recording with 256kbps quality on Hi-MD Recorder 90 seconds to transfer from sonicstage to pc 30 seconds to convert from oma to wav Total Time= 2 minutes compared to 10 minutes(real time) For a 2 hour concert or any type of recording it would approximately take 24 minutes from the time you start transfering the audio through sonicstage to the time you have your Wave(s)
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